Cobie Smulders on Competing With Tom Cruise and Life After 'How I Met Your Mother'

Smulders appears on 'Popcorn With Peter Travers' to talk about her role in the new action-packed film 'Jack Reacher: Never Go Back.'
18:58 | 10/19/16

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Transcript for Cobie Smulders on Competing With Tom Cruise and Life After 'How I Met Your Mother'
Ma'am he's not here transfer you. More that. Here's June. Just know why we believe that her hand they have no time I think helps you without cause it's your right. With under my command we don't have time. I want explicit orders for you to stay away quarters he ordered yes. Knew you do something. Hello everybody I'm Peter Travers and welcome to popcorn where we tell you what's happening that the movies. And if you're alive and breathing this week and what you will be going to. A movie called Jack we teacher never go back. My guest today Kobe smolders. Has taken on the task of being in an action movie with Tom Cruise which is I know from just watching the skies. Had to have been a marathon so Coby welcome well thank you for me. Now yes to do anything with Tom Cruise is a competition. Well listen I am also a very competitive person good I use I fit in to this this world very very well. It your rate there was a fair amount of training we started training about. I would say intensely trains the trading started about 68 weeks before we started shooting now I hear. The men may be just apocryphal story that you very cleverly. I don't know whether you were auditioning for the role but if you decided to break your leg to prepare yet or an act as one decides to do. Because I just like challenges this check coming at Ella and lights for a while these arms on crutches. Yeah I broke my leg accidentally. The summer before we started to shoot. And generally what was that like it was it was sent it was I just like did it reared a trip to my apartment and I fell and I I fractured my thanks I was. Some hard glamour you weren't my idol and save anybody from a burning building or stop you know car ski downhill. And who else and even that even if it was like a sport accident and feel better about myself. He's just isn't his aren't like it. A it was hard hobbling into Edwards wakes office he was or director and writer of this down for the first time and tonight I'm ready for an action movie I haven't broken leg. And how to break it just following just tripping in my car ready for this irony of importance is its. Action movie. No but somehow I convinced him did to give me roll and and it in the benefit for me was Tom has an amazing sent team an amazing group of trainers. And so was really the best as you hear you're probably could've gotten. Yeah yeah that true became stronger than ever threw c'mon you know you're new ventures. Yes but I think human and in a world of super humans and soul. Usually usually and using a weapon and so you're human but spurred age and I am an edge and I am highly trained and end in very capable of and you hill but there's not there's not it's not as interesting doing hand to hand combat seen. So this this one was very hands on and also because we break out of prison and so we don't have any weapons and we're very much on the rise and so we're sort of coming up with. A way to defend ourselves in the moment will we should explain okay onto a plane diligence I got had a. John has lane check creature before yes if you're phantom of the child looks like them. Are you rent is the Jack Pritchard him yeah this is the eighteenth book right now and the new one when he first yeah complaint. I'm here yet at Cindy let's say did you enjoy the first I didn't begin its its. On its own yeah and it's seeing with this one yes basically you don't have to know anything. No you don't. He's little things yes I wanna get to that wanna get to you think that's the great thing about major Susan turner you. Is that he kind of you know creature he's like this homeless I. We're in the round on highways in Nike attacked with a toothbrush yes doesn't really sent home and it's true. And you have usable should I do yeah I have the office the McCall under intense military court you'd expect it. The military police unit and and and impede a nominee and impede but the and a major yes page. Major since and to this of me just think it was very exciting to play a woman was in the military and especially about while. And can hang with the women. I met a few. Means that I got a toddler mostly. It's time when he took fifth. Yeah but now I buy I spoke to many people within the military assistant who are either retired or still would and it. But I think I can't most of my information about the military and specifically about women in the military. From documentaries from from books and from doing research and it's a fascinating I mean it takes. He takes a real Lee's strong tough determined. Stubborn. Woman to. To not only decide to enlist in it would in the military but to rise. Within that and I think it just involves so much more self sacrifice. And not only that but the amount of stress that these women have to take on her and not just women but. People within the military means or life and death situations and it's and it's. Especially for the case of of major season turning you know she has. The responsibility of many soldiers under her. And really the driving force for her throughout this movie is. Finding out what happened to her two soldiers who went overseas to do some investigation and then we're murder yeah. I like to think that there's a big you know this is a woman who. Wants to be able to go back to these families and explain exactly what happens and why it happened and and and really bring these people to justice. In a lot of actions like this should get them macho here yeah comes in and says. It's all that I need you a home and I'll call you. Ray and this is not the case no human Emily Blunt in. In Gaza tomorrow yes basically are going towed it this recruit and soon. I can take care of myself but yes yes. Don't demeaning thing. Yeah and I think you know what I read the script. That is what I read an that was what was in the story but I think it's a completely other thing when you start filming. Movie like this because you never know I mean Tom Cruise. It yeah he's in he's he's a huge star and he is so great in these movies and people want to see him in these movies so. Luckily for me it was really because of both him both Tom and add our director. They were constantly pushing my character. To the front. Which means putting Tom Cruise in the backseat for a little bit and allowing me at. Two it to be the driving force behind each scene and that was really amazing and very giving for both of them cool he smolders how did this happen. How did you get to this point. In each book because I love your name it's a family name and surety but short for your fellow back. Smolders will be shown free at Colin yeah. So what is that because we know you're not one but we note pictured in a hit and north of the border north of the border my father's Dutch and I was named after my great aunt and who was called to cope of that when like Sophia never. Use your coat went life of economic purposely. But then he warned Canada we couldn't hear in south of Canada are always thinking is covered with snow. Part of it is Richard Vancouver I didn't think I'm from Vancouver yes yes and which is beautiful. I grew up in Vancouver and I did theatre in high school and is certain model. And but then IAE I hated it I hated it but I was able I'll call eight. If I may be why they needed a very good game he alienated. Is able to travel and see the world would meet amazing people and then. I came home and actually registered in to college and that summer before it went away to college. I befriended a lot of actors in so doing theater around town in the summer of clinical about the friendly actors. But there's a huge acting community in Vancouver so that's it and it's very sort of everybody knows everybody in Vancouver and you lane and so this the circle within the surplus seasons. And what was that moment that got you from that and from the theater into this crazy business you now call. You're wrong well. I'll say. Very lucky I mean IA. I started a series. Which was shot to right which for ABC. That was called fair toss the quests. Look it up some amazing it let's at least get that can who. And and from that I I just did guest star roles in the great thing about going up and Canada's there's always captioning. And they're always looking to hire like local Canadians number for every project becomes in the towns might benefit from Adeline. And then truthfully I mean I I jumped I'm imminently. Very young. And and that just luckily. Just went on for forever and hunts for nine he went on and I mean things pass the time it is dependency by that those. We are forced to you. I didn't bullies do you think I didn't think he is being. The first couple of months he didn't all gather and now I mean it they feelings starting TV shows such a funny thing because you joined together and you should this pilot. You go to jinx anything that oil gets along really well and it's such a lovely. For us anyway it was such a lovely group was such a great script. And then you're like I don't know let's see it and they give you thirteen episodes like well this has been so much fun imagine if it kept going and then it went for the back nine and it's. Every year. Was like are we gonna keep getting to do S. So I felt really spoiled because we did answered pretty big hit after awhile you would known that it was going to continue well I mean I. I don't know I'm always like a pessimist when it comes to work I do is go out on the for working and after reprise episode pessimism hovering. Should not necessarily hasn't as a but I go I don't know you know wall. Who nosing this business is so fickle in just never really quite. Nell I have to talk about it because when there was that the you can pop. But right know and yet what happened yes and so you know we're watching this yes with people that have watched it yet and you. Married Barney Neil Patrick yes and next thing episode. Three years later yeah. Yes divorce him and hooked up with ten. Many years many usually yes the film so that you think should be called because of the kids you know I'm that you're that month. Right and it was you who would you all the time it was an aversion yes it isn't a version views of what people say to you win. Exactly within a few areas I I think it was a combination. Go to the greatest thing that came out of it is that people were really impassioned by it. Overall I mean people were real the people relieved we're big fans of the show and and some people like the finale in some people didn't. Isley saw that it was amazing. That. We used footage in our ninth year during a show that we shot will mean that our pilots that this is how. The creators. Curtain Carter always intended the showed ends. And normally the show goes and goes things change and things shift butt they were able to. Two completed in the way that they they wanted to do I think that that's so rare moment almost when boyhood in thanks in nine years and I just I feel I feel very fortunate to do that when. I really enjoyed the ending and and and she in the entire last season was such an amazing experience because we were able to like we need you. This was our last season. And and we were able to serve Sayer goodbye Aveson do you of these scenes that we always wanted to do as they. So have you put these pesky people out of your mind and heart now. You how he's been asking people all these people that you. Played with and acted with for nine years. Oh prepares call in do you think not now. And we know we IC mile time regular apartments and by analysts and others with much because they Allen and Los Angeles and her New York. And then you're married to tank and two great just hearing you know that guy again Saturday it is not the same yes I agree but he's gone off to be. A direct to yes resurrect his first film this summer which I was in cult why were killing gone there and now with him in action. On all design. I'm being hit us. And it was buried stating. It's great integrates elements and as an action. Comedy and it's if it's a really really wonderful thing he hired you. I know at this slate of directors to get a pot are often happens and it and it's a nasty business but if it's a good art. I don't how great art into the work it would. Issue two does don't get to act together now hangs once seen as saying that he did he did the scene immediately a little roll and that. He bit less Herschel a couple of times that we were never missing together but they put a sadness in the policies we hear in your wedding yes marrying somebody who yeah. And now I think that was they went there it was funny thing just I think but you. Your action hero. That's kind of kind of I mean okay you're not halt you don't get quite that but no fanatical apple. Which one of them would you want to do it would be Hulk because it is. I don't know it's also I mean Iron Man would be fund is because you have all the gadgets and gizmos live in the tower of hope you can deal with your anger issues. Yeah which I don't see India I don't know if you really get it out Avis thinking is that you have any more. But you have all those scenes in those communities. Where your altogether and read everything everybody that seemed impossible to do. And Josh Sweden is like one of the people yes yes he is bid the the lining is the man and they're great I mean for me it's like it's it's I get to be privy to all of these. Amazing actors and seeing them play out these scenes in and I bought him one time when bit about this. And that I got to sit back and watch and that. This is the and then back ticket about. Yeah. The also you can do that for an eternity I diet I will do it out everything you needed but I wanna talk. A little reports taken by a cut today cure Indy career there was a movie did last year. Called results with yes here's that I'd love was true main aisle and it was just so much fun it was a lot of and I get in the indie world that exists when you don't get the avengers audience. Yeah that and I mean don't do you definitely don't get the box office but I feel like. If there's something about having that with the festival support in films you do sort of get a different attention for the filmmakers through means. I mean I love making independent films I love it so meisters. There's an energy of collaboration. That happens on these small stats that I really really enjoy were like when they shop here like I guess I'm gonna do craft service today may. His nobody is all just do it its okay. There's such a great. Unity that happens in. Energy of everybody pitching and to make it. The past film that and it that we can make and also there's a lot of that there's lot more. In Prague that happens. Switcher which is there was he had would cold and expected to you know which we're you can use your own. Experience and yes pregnant woman via its is that and then he intervention yes. Where you bury cleverly user experience with having broken yes well at the actual broke down and it wasn't broken leg but I showed up. I broke my leg that day before we started shooting so I sort of went acquitted of all who's the director writer thanks and what do you want to do would you want to find somebody else or do you want to use this or should we hide it or would efforts we just decided. To use it and I think it worked quite well actually did for the scripts Hewitt. Challenging when she's been very unhappy marriage her for a long time and she's got three children and it's. Nash's Bruntlett on top of metal news he has reason to let you could be right and the happy place which the bats which brings us because this is your first time you void meal Hughes. I can't believe they are until now have I mean I would say it needs. You know it was very disdainful but wow wow you are that I tell Maria that kind of it's all right I. I. But they shall always ends in song in a fantastic he's great at and now we talked before and went on about Bob Dylan that he could be in your ID. Behind the diss you call him just today to send you know militant K and then of course. Really memorable to me in the Robin sparkles period was let's go to the mall yes you know you may not be in that mood today anyway. I want what ever is in your head I want a few strains. Should we do lights go to the mall sung by Bob Dylan. A. Come alone of the double double or. And and let's go to the mole. And and real world is are you. Only. This something that nobody will touch that I guarantee this with a harmonica with I know her as the Honda and. You weren't having a fit either never okay hiding your face. Thank you think each of them were lit in the breezy.

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{"id":42907024,"title":"Cobie Smulders on Competing With Tom Cruise and Life After 'How I Met Your Mother'","duration":"18:58","description":"Smulders appears on 'Popcorn With Peter Travers' to talk about her role in the new action-packed film 'Jack Reacher: Never Go Back.'","url":"/GMA/video/cobie-smulders-competing-tom-cruise-life-met-mother-42907024","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}