Cold War Bomb Shelter For Sale as "Ultimate Man Cave"

Real estate broker Hoyt Murphy bills latest sale as "survivalist's dream home."
1:57 | 03/23/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Cold War Bomb Shelter For Sale as "Ultimate Man Cave"
that at some point in our lives we've dreamt about taking a break and I'm getting away from it all. How about this? An old cold war bomb shelter for sale being built as the ultimate man cave. For a cool half a million dollars it's all yours. John schriffen takes us inside. Reporter: This real estate broker says it's not what's on the surface but below that counts. You could have your theater room or antique car storage. Reporter: The nearly 8,000 square foot room was b by AT&T IN THE LATE '60s AS A BOMB Shelter in south florida. Today, murph I sees it as a survivalist's dream home. Two intake air shafts. Reporter: While the pictures aren't so pretty, a little imagination and elbow grease could go a long way. Picture sprucing up this room with a pool table. Bar and entertain nament center. Stockpiling this with your prized video games or ultimate stash of your favorite snacks and best of all, using this space for your batmobile. Well, more likely your sweet sports car. You got to love the button. It looks like a science fiction movie set in here. With 30 inches of concrete protection and generators enough to power a small city it's practical too, murphy says. Reporter: For those in need of decking out a doomsday pad, the vivos group -- we'll get here. Reporter: -- Turned bunkers like this into survivalist shelters like this. The type he envisions, priced to move at just $500,000. The ideal buyer will be somebody not faint of heart or light of wallet. I don't know. It might cost another half a

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{"id":18796648,"title":"Cold War Bomb Shelter For Sale as \"Ultimate Man Cave\"","duration":"1:57","description":"Real estate broker Hoyt Murphy bills latest sale as \"survivalist's dream home.\"","url":"/GMA/video/cold-war-bomb-shelter-sale-ultimate-man-cave-18796648","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}