Colorado wildfire forces hundreds of evacuations

More than 400 homes were evacuated after flames torched the steep Rocky Mountain foothills, just west of Boulder, Colorado.
2:28 | 03/20/17

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Transcript for Colorado wildfire forces hundreds of evacuations
Turning now to that record heat in new fire concerns that the dangerous wildfire tears through Colorado forcing hundreds of people to evacuate. Clayton Sandell on the scene in Boulder, Colorado and good morning to you, Clayton. Reporter: You can see police still have the streets shut down here because right now it's just too dangerous to let anybody back in. The wildfire in the area of sunshine canyon drive and timber trail. Reporter: They're working to stop a wildfire. It really is very thick and even through the mask I can smell it. Reporter: The flames torching the team rocky mountain foothills west of Boulder, Colorado. A lot of the fire perimeter is very remote and it's going to be difficult to try to get water up there. Reporter: Hundreds of firefighters are battling the blaze getting help from the air, planes dropping fire retard aptsz and helicopters using waters from nearby Lakes. 426 hopes evacuated when the flames began spreading early Sunday. People living in another 836 homes told to be ready to go. I've been just hanging out and wondering if we're going to lose our neighborhood or not and so far the firefighters have been amazing and the volunteers and so we owe a lot of gratitude. Reporter: Investigators now trying to find out thought it started. We've been able to rule out things like lightning strikes or weather reeled, downed power line, things like that. That causes us to speculate that it's human caused. Man-made. Reporter: Right now this fire is at 50% containment as long as that number continues to go up these road blocks will come down and hopefully people will be able to go home soon. Thank you. Let's go to ginger with more on the fire dangers and record heat. More record will be records will be broken or tied. I want to show you images out of Boulder. Unfortunately could happen again. An elevated risk, ft. Collins up towards southeastern Wyoming. Oklahoma City included that we're concerned about humidity, less than 20% and down to 10%. That is super dry. You add that to the winds and the close to record heat and could break a record tie in Dallas, Kansas City was 87. Sunday, that is the warmest they've been this early in the season, the warmth spreads east briefly. I know, Michael, you want so badly to not wear a jacket. I'm sorry, it's not happening this morning. After this morning. When can I walk out of the house without a jacket.

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{"id":46249480,"title":"Colorado wildfire forces hundreds of evacuations","duration":"2:28","description":"More than 400 homes were evacuated after flames torched the steep Rocky Mountain foothills, just west of Boulder, Colorado.","url":"/GMA/video/colorado-wildfire-forces-hundreds-evacuations-46249480","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}