Comfort Dog Charity Surprised With Transport Van, Grooming

Jenn Marr, Tim Hetzner discuss bringing dogs to victims of Newtown, Conn., and Boston attacks.
5:53 | 05/08/13

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Transcript for Comfort Dog Charity Surprised With Transport Van, Grooming
You own that second -- we've had -- it's a great week. We were all asked pick a story that really resonated with you, something you really wanted to tell, not just all of you about perhaps again, but people who really now have earned some special surprises, I tell you what, lara, you picked a great one. Ah, thank you. This one comes from the heart. I haven't stopped thinking about them since I met them. Everybody, these are -- well, this is a group I encountered in newtown, connecticut, covering the shooting there and in the midst of a town experiencing a horror which still haunts all of us I remember seeing these beautiful golden retrievers in the center of town wagging their tails simply waiting to be pet. Giving people a moment they couldn't get anywhere else, a glimmer of comfort. Here's how these remarkable dogs accomplish this all over the country. It's often the simplest acts that make the biggest difference. Ten of them traveled 800 miles from chicago to newtown to bring a little comfort to school children in the community. Ah. Want to come home with us. This is one of the best things. They like the kids. Everybody could use that kind of love. Reporter: Wearing their signature blue signs that says "please pet me." The good will army of 60 plus golden retrievers time and again have been there when a community needs them most. My house got destroyed by the tornado. Once I saw them they just made me happy because dogs are my best friend and they just comfort me. Reporter: Whether attending school with local children or comforting those in need with a simple wag of the tail. I did not know anything about the canine comfort dogs at all. The only way I found out about them was because we were so distressed from the bombing, being there. When I saw them, I cried. They're so calming, comforting. They let you just hug them. They were incredible, incredible. The stress they relieved. Reporter: Studies prove that even just petting a dog can decrease levels of stress hormones, regulate breathing, lower blood pressure and release oxytocin released with bonding and affection. They have been here when we they had been needed the most and th today we're there for them. All: Thank you. Thank you. and I'm here with kim who is one of the group. We cannot thank you enough and one of the dog handlers, jen. Jen has been at sandy hook school since the shooting every single solitary day with addie, correct? I just wanted to give you this. This is a card hand made from the third grade class there who says that addie has been a giant help to them and they wanted to thank you for your time and now we want to introduce everybody to the stars of the show. Here they are, the canine comfort dogs starting -- look at them, on the red carpet. There they are. And they have been to so many places and helped so many people in boston, victims of sandy and they are all going to our spa. You've heard of canyon ranch. A luxurious spa. This is a canine ranch. Are these for the dogs? Yes, they are doggie bags we created. Those are from sergeant's pet care for the dogs and then -- toys, some shampoo. Some jerkyr thereabouts, delicious. That's right. Then our nexttation is the rough laxation massage. Say that three times fast. We have dog grooming for the little fellows. That's from new york dog spa and hotel. Just to say thank you to them. But you know what, obviously they can't do it without their human counterparts. You guys deserve such a giant thank you. Go to any place that needs these dogs on a moment's notice, you were in boston the moment the bombing happened, that afternoon and for that we want to give you a little bit of a relaxation moment, as well, as these dogs help so many. You're getting gift certificates to bliss spa. Go and enjoy them. My favorite. And there's one more thing that I want you to look at the monitor because right outside is -- oh, how about this monitor, it's even bigger. Take a look. "You're not dreaming!" This van is yours for the next year to take the dogs wherever you need to go. thank you. I know it's been hard for you to get the dogs where they need to go and hertz has been kind enough to give the van -- they know what an important job you do and so for that we say thank you from "good morning america." Thank you. Thank you. Thank you to everybody. love you guys. We love you. Keep up the great work, all right? In the meantime, we want you to learn more about the lutheran church's dog ministry and do that at goodmorningamerica.Com at yahoo!. Sam, give us one more check of

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{"duration":"5:53","description":"Jenn Marr, Tim Hetzner discuss bringing dogs to victims of Newtown, Conn., and Boston attacks.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19133467","title":"Comfort Dog Charity Surprised With Transport Van, Grooming","url":"/GMA/video/comfort-dogs-newtown-boston-organization-surprised-free-van-19133467"}