Why Common Loved Playing a 'Bad Guy' in 'Run All Night'

The Critics' Choice, Golden Globe and Oscar winner discusses his new role and recent success.
4:19 | 03/11/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Why Common Loved Playing a 'Bad Guy' in 'Run All Night'
Bounce it up and down on my seat because common, this gentleman right here, he might be running out of space in his trophy cabinet. You know he had a critics choice, golden globe and Oscar with his song with John legend "Glory" from the "Selma" soundtrack and starring in "Run all night" with Liam Neeson and ed Harris. Welcome, common. Look at you. I mean, you're -- ooh. I have seen the evolution in growth but first of all I want to say last time people saw you was on the Oscar star and got such an ovation, you and John legend and said that S just -- that had to be a magical night for you, common. It was overwhelming. It was such a blessing. We -- it's a wonderful experience and I'm just grateful. I'm grateful. Did you get a little rest? Get a little vacation. Nah. I tried to take a day off but I'm too excited. Just like looking forward to doing more creative work and spreading love. And spreading love and "Run all night," okay. I want to play a clip here because you play a hit man. I love it. You did. I love it. I had to rewind it a couple of times to say is that really common? This is a clip, ed Harris, his character is hiring you and you will do a hit for any price. Yeah. This is the price. I got a job for you. Two people. A W quote but it's got to be done by the morning. Kill two cops, a couple of square head gangsters in queens. The whole city is hunting them down. I need you to get there first. What are their names? Michael and jimmy Cohen. You want the job or not? I kill that For free. Yes, so a character played by Liam Neeson really giving you high praise especially for the fight scene that you had but just tell people about your role in this movie. Yeah, well, I'm a hired assassin who eventually is like the super villain. He a very relentless killer and it's a fun character to play because it's not me and that's as an actor I love to get to do that and I think the film itself like what price plays in, this is like -- it's really a great action movie but has a real story to it so I love it like the story about the father/son relationship is like a classic gangster tale. It really is. And when Liam was here and talking, we showed a little of the clip. You all are in this fight scene where he even -- well, I don't want to give away too much of it but you like that physical -- Oh, I love it. It was like I couldn't wait to go man-to-man with Liam Neeson, you know, our characters -- when I told my friends I was in a movie with Liam Neeson, they were like, I bet he's going to kick your ass -- Can we say that in the morning, no, because that's the kind of character we see from him and I mean this, you really hold your own in this film but you said you also want -- you appreciate the roles like you had in "Selma." Yes. This is a fun action flick but you wanted to have roles that inspire people, lift people up. Yeah, well, I feel like I like diversity as an actor. I like to be able to go from anything from a love story to drama to action. But all of it having character and, you know, of course, "Selma" was incredible blessing. Just to have depth as human beings so we can show the depth because acting, you can inspire people through these stories and you can help people through storytelling also. And through music, as well. So which one is it and which one do you find a little more challenging and difficult? I mean, you know because I'm newer to acting there's more challenge but that makes it pore exciting. I love creating both. I love being a musician. I love being an actor and god willing I'll just continue to keep growing. Going to do this and still record. Yes, yes. All right. I said this. You may be back at the oscars one day as a nominee for your acting ability. Ooh. Might have room for that -- I'm going to take that. I'm going to take that, robin. I know you got a birthday coming up -- Friday when the movie comes out when "Run all night" comes out. If you want to spend your birthday with common on his birthday "Run all night" opens on Friday. Coming up, the coconut

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{"duration":"4:19","description":"The Critics' Choice, Golden Globe and Oscar winner discusses his new role and recent success. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"29550541","title":"Why Common Loved Playing a 'Bad Guy' in 'Run All Night'","url":"/GMA/video/common-loved-playing-bad-guy-run-night-29550541"}