Your most common menopause questions answered

Dr. Kristi Funk appears live on "GMA" to answer the most common viewer questions about menopause.
3:50 | 01/29/18

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Transcript for Your most common menopause questions answered
And now to our series looking at meno qun pause. Change in a flash. Such great response to you. More questions. We brought back Dr. Christy funk for some more answers. Among some of the questions, Dr. Funk, a lot of people want to know how their husbands and partners can help during this trying time. That can last for years. Absolutely. Partners should really just do everything you say and all the dishes. Really works well that way. Life throws curveballs at all of us. Couples need to learn to swerve together. Communication is key. You're talking about waking and mood swings and libido. It's tough. Before you find yourself hot-flashing to a twors, seek couples therapy. Good advice. Men are dealing with changes at this time. Some are referring to it as man-o-pause? Is that a thing? Man-o-pause or andro-pause is a real thing. They experience a loss in muscle mas. Drop in testosterone. Lack of energy. You can make a fun couple at a dinner party. Let's move on to the workplace. Most companies have zero policies in place to deal with menopause. What can women do at work? A British study came out hooking at working women. They combined cognitive behavioral therapy. You reframe negative thinking. Relaxation tech next. In six weeks. Better sleep, improved cognition. Maybe have a company masseuse. We had, as we mentioned, incredible response. A lot of viewer questions. We have one from Laura. Let's take a listen. During or after men pause is there nor of a chance to get cancer? Yes, there's a bump in uterine, ovarian, and breast cancer through menopause. It has to do with how long you were exposed to cyclical ovulation. Very interesting. We have another question from Betty. She tweeted, I would like to know what is the average length of time to go through menopause. It seems to me I've been going through this over five years. It's getting really old. FYI, I'm 60. The national length of men pause, 7.4 years. Betty, you have two and change to go. Wow. That is so much longer than most women anticipate. A new study followed women for 17 years. We have modern data. Good to know. On our "Gma" Facebook page, Roxanne asks, my new doctor told me I should not be on any medication and just power through menopause. I'm finally on low-dose meds three long years later. Sit Normal for a doctor to take you off birth control and power through? Yes. It's common. The you're at risk for breast cancer, haerts heart attacks or strokes, we Mike you power through. There are safe and effective not estrogenic things that you can use. Check it out. Any concerns about cancer with taking some of those? None. Dr. You funk, thank you so much. Coming up next, we're breaking down the very best

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{"id":52671855,"title":"Your most common menopause questions answered ","duration":"3:50","description":"Dr. Kristi Funk appears live on \"GMA\" to answer the most common viewer questions about menopause. ","url":"/GMA/video/common-menopause-questions-answered-52671855","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}