The Computer in Your Cockpit: Computers Set to Replace Pilots in Future of Flight?

New technologies on display at Farnborough Airshow show computers outpacing human pilots.
6:08 | 07/18/14

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Transcript for The Computer in Your Cockpit: Computers Set to Replace Pilots in Future of Flight?
Welcome to power players -- Terry Moran America -- -- air base outside a London England we've got a very cool show we did this is. The air show on the air shows one of the great -- -- in the world lot of cool stuff here we're joined. By Steve -- former Marine Corps pilot ABC news consultant. And Steve is gonna show us around today beginning with this star the show. Star of the show Terry because this is the public debut 787 -- nine. The latest in the 787 Stanley Boeing builds. It's a little bit longer a little bit longer range but it's a whole new airplane in the first time the public had a chance to see that. One -- again I think again. Amazing. In the triple seven is even bigger than triple seven. On the -- Is wider than the original 737 -- -- airplane made of plastic. Airplane made -- class carbon fiber composite down 50%. Last. Strong -- much stronger stale L Providence Providence deal and it doesn't rust. This is what most of this airplane is -- -- can do with a carbon fiber. Impregnated cloth that one time he gets laid -- and gets cured but feel that your hard that it. Harder than steel so it's incredibly hard very very -- the -- allows the airplane manufacturer to do. Is to make lighter airplanes which means that you need left thrust which means that the more fuel efficient. But for -- -- comfort level it also means that this doesn't rust so they can have more moisture in the cabin air. And you can actually feel -- when you fly -- 787 how much. More moist areas and you get no known headaches that you tend to get on really long flights -- that the real change in the ability to -- cabin comfort. And passenger comfort in ways that we couldn't even imagine ten years ago. -- anywhere in the cockpit. What do you like about went down to like about it I mean this is incredible you look at heads up display all digital all glass just adds that beautifully laid out. Just incredible for me for a pilot this is just this is -- an agreement right here. It's all the controls that are very familiar. To anybody watch movies. Pilot but who's really flying. Computers are flying that pilots are voting members -- -- them back and forth the trials and move back and forth but all you're doing is putting inputs in the computer. -- says -- I know what you wanna do us all do that for you all this technology. It's safer it is safer it's much much safer the problem is as the technology is beginning to -- a human being. It's the pilots now and and getting them so they continue to know how to manually fly an airplane or understand the mechanics of life. Because the sophistication technology so far out front. -- human being that it's human beings catch up. So that. -- -- a real plan and other had a kind of a disappointment for the air show why didn't we bring the real thirty. Last week they had a fire on one of the F 35 a models at the airport love and that fire was so severe and it damaged an engine so they're actually have to throw the airplane away. But because that fire and they haven't figure out exactly what happened they said we can't. Take the risk of flying for airplanes across the Atlantic becoming the -- today that that plane and a lot of hardware we see here. Have a lot of classified. Capability. The hell out of probably Chinese airports people around yes why would you bring your playing. And display it to argue that your enemy but your rivaled yet apparently yes because this airplane is for sale. -- air air forces around the world that are buying this airplane and -- more airports around the world that the United States. Wants to have that capability. So as you said we've been looking around we've seen. People with Chinese air force bags around which the Chinese tend to steal our technology rather than just look at it. So it's nice that they're actually out here looking at what they've stolen already but the IDA is that we want to sell this airplane. So in other countries around the world we'll have the same here as we -- -- increase our ability with our allies -- the last of its -- -- him. I think that this will -- be the last. Man Spider-Man strike fighter at least. That the United States never build our capabilities and unmanned aircraft stealthy unmanned aircraft. Even though unmanned aircraft human being can't do I think -- mean that the -- -- Of -- -- and it will be computers and will be unmanned. And we'll be part of an Xbox game for much of the future of technology you know. Where a top gun guy -- -- like got to say that does that make you sad about it does make me sad though because to get there -- there is a warrior aspect. That I think's important to have in the US military of people willing to go out with their life on the line go mono mono with -- with an enemy. And have the capability in an airplane like this -- 35 to give them the best technology available. They're out there in the front -- -- to turn all that ended people sitting in. You know air conditioned box is back in the middle of Las Vegas. Something's lost they -- the warrior culture that I think American is for there. You also say however that. Unmanned. Fighters we'll be able to do things. That the plane couldn't go there -- a person. Cracked -- because there are things and an unmanned airplane can do it can they can spin around on itself when G forces that would killing human -- and others biggest is the endurance that an airplane that's unmanned can -- and -- Human endurance how you know not -- get tired. You know it just needs gaps it just needs oil and to be able to talk to its mother ship. So there are lots of things that humans can't do the one thing that humans can do is bring judgment and I think -- human being out of the airplane we're gonna lose a bit of that judgment. That's over this edition of power players -- thanks. To Steve -- for taking us on a tour of the farmer air -- here for ABC news and Yahoo! and -- I'm Terry Moran. We'll catch -- next.

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{"duration":"6:08","description":"New technologies on display at Farnborough Airshow show computers outpacing human pilots.","mediaType":"yahoo only","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"24611812","title":"The Computer in Your Cockpit: Computers Set to Replace Pilots in Future of Flight?","url":"/GMA/video/computer-cockpit-computers-set-replace-pilots-future-flight-24611812"}