Congress Fixes Airport Furloughs Just in Time for Spring Break

Congressional vote passes to bring air traffic controllers back to work.
2:25 | 04/27/13

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Transcript for Congress Fixes Airport Furloughs Just in Time for Spring Break
Some it is an infuriating civics lesson a clinic. In government dysfunction after days of delays a congress that let's be honest has not done much in months passes a bill to get air traffic controllers back in the towers. Just in time for the lawmakers themselves to fly home for their spring break ABC's -- felonies at Reagan national airport outside Washington -- Morning Jeff good morning -- you. Good morning Dan you're right these flight delays quickly became a political problem that members of congress acted in near record -- affects. The air traffic controllers are heading back to work this morning. -- -- airport towers are returning to business as usual after reversing furloughs for hundreds of workers. We're staying home all week because of congressional budget cuts. The president says he will sign the bill pushed through by lawmakers just in time to catch their own flights out of town. And maybe because they fly home each weekend the members of congress who insisted on these cuts. Finally realized that they actually apply to them to. Passengers vented their frustrations. And waited as up to 1000 flights today were delayed if students at government tarmac provide an hour five hours -- it's horrible. The bipartisan effort did not sit well with some members of congress the motion to reconsider is laid on the table who believe air travelers received special -- Cuts to other government programs were ignored. Sometimes the problems of the most politically strong and well connected groups that get addressed. But the folks who get left behind. -- kids. Head -- their seniors on meals and meals. Those programs make up only a fraction of the 85 billion dollars in across the board spending cuts known as sequestration. But they are not as visible or as loud as passengers waiting on tarmac we caught up with members of congress as they raced out of Washington. Look we drive on the same roads is the taxpayers we stand in the scene TSA lines it is our fellow taxpayers don't I don't think this is anything other than trying to do what's best for -- The white house calls the -- abandoning and is urging congress to find a solution for the budget gridlock. And it turns out the legislation may have been pushed through a little too fast. A top White House official tells me this morning President Obama was prepared to sign this bill in a lot today. But now must wait until Tuesday. A spelling error in the bill apparently needs to be corrected first beyond -- -- -- -- all right -- thank you.

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{"id":19056033,"title":"Congress Fixes Airport Furloughs Just in Time for Spring Break","duration":"2:25","description":"Congressional vote passes to bring air traffic controllers back to work.","url":"/GMA/video/congress-fixes-airport-furloughs-time-spring-break-19056033","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}