Connecticut Shooting: Churches Services Honor Victims

Juju Chang details the emotional candlelight vigil in Newtown, Conn.
2:00 | 12/16/12

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Transcript for Connecticut Shooting: Churches Services Honor Victims
sunday morning is always a time for reflection but even more so on this day and in this place. Abc's juju chang is at one of the churches. Juju, good morning to you. Reporter: Good morning, dan. Congregants are filing in. Mass is about to get under way and the houses of worship throughout newtown are providing a sense of community but also a place where you can ask questions to which there are no easy answers like how could a gunman wipe out such innocence? Here on the ground of st. Rose of lima there are makeshift memorials. You can see candles and flowers but also childlike items, a soccer ball signed by the newtown soccer club an a note that said simply "sleep in heavenly peace." Dan? And those childlike items as you put it, they are the toughest to see. Juju, I know several families who belong to the church in front of which you are standing lost children. How is the church dealing with that? Reporter: Dan, it is such a poignant thought. Monsignor robert rice who the job of informing families they had lost their children had sent last night planning funerals for those children. A church official told me there are eight children, eight families and eight funerals that are being planned here in this congregation alone at st. Rose and, you know, throughout this town, the churches and the houses of worship are not just wrapping their arms around the families that suffered a direct loss but to the entire community that says they'll never be the same. One last detail, there are four services planned here today and there are kleenex boxes on either side of each aisle of that church. Extraordinary, we are heading into the week leading up to christmas and in this little town, they've got more than funerals to plan and carry out, juju chang, thank you for your reporting. A lot of other news on this

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{"id":17990151,"title":"Connecticut Shooting: Churches Services Honor Victims","duration":"2:00","description":"Juju Chang details the emotional candlelight vigil in Newtown, Conn.","url":"/GMA/video/connecticut-shooting-churches-services-honor-victims-17990151","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}