Controversial WH adviser speaks out on resignation

Former "Apprentice" contestant Omarosa Manigault Newman told "GMA" of her tenure in the White House: "I have seen things that have made me uncomfortable."
10:54 | 12/14/17

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Transcript for Controversial WH adviser speaks out on resignation
talk about it. We do popcorn on the tr. But first, that ABC news exclusive. Omarosa Manigault Newman is leaving the white house pushed out by chief of staff John Kelly here to live to speak with Michael after this report from Cecilia Vega. Good morning, Cecilia. Reporter: You know that omarosa might be one of the most well-known members of the white house teams but the clashes she is famous for apparently not just limited to reality TV. President trump offering his good-bye in the form of a tweet saying, thank you, omarosa, for your service. I wish you continued success. A stark contrast from the last time they bid farewell. Omarosa has to go. You're fired. Reporter: In fact, omarosa Manigault Newman was fired three times from "The apprentice" and this morning now out of her job at the white house. The official line, she resigned to pursue other opportunities. But multiple sources tell ABC news Manigault Newman was fired and escorted off white house grounds. Every critic, every detractor will have to bow down to president trump. Reporter: The reality TV star everyone loved to hate bringing her fire to the campaign. Excuse me, I'm in the middle of an interview. Seriously, you're really loud. Thank you. Reporter: Then to the west wing as one of the most high-profile African-American staffers in the administration. There are people who stop talking to me. Reporter: So trusted she could walk into the oval office whenever she wanted. That is, until chief of staff John Kelly took over and cracked down. They clashed and sources tell ABC Manigault Newman openly fewed with other aides too. That scene at a journalism convention last summer. If you don't want to be here, leave. Reporter: Her lavish wedding. She even showed up to the white house wearing her dress, a party fan of guests with her for an unannounced photo shoot. As for what she did every day as director of communications for the office of public liaison say it's a complete mystery. Her job effective till January 20th. Unclear if she plans to come back to work at this time. The secret service deactivated her pass. Let's get the word from omarosa herself. Omarosa is here with me now. Thank you for joining me. I'm so glad to be here. A lot of speculation about you leaving the white house. Let's get straight to it. What happened? I resigned and I didn't do that in the residence as being reported, John Kelly and I sat down in the situation room, which is a very secure, very quiet room in the white house and we had a very candid conversation and I wanted to make the one-year mark that was one of the goals that I set out to and then get back to my life. So you resigned. You weren't fired -- No. You know, I like to hear all of these interesting tales, but I have to tell you that they are 100% false. One of the things I asked of those people making those assertions since they assert that I did it so publicly is where are the pictures or videos? If I had confronted John Kelly who is a very formidable person it would garner enough attention for anyone in the room to at least take a picture or a video or something. The assertion that I would do that in front of 600 guests rat a Christmas party and no one has reported that except for one individual who has a personal vendetta against me, and so I have to tell you completely false, unverified reporting and John Kelly and I had a very straightforward discussion about concerns that I had, issues that I raised and as a result, I resigned and it will be taking place January the 20th when I leave this very interesting administration. So you're saying all these reports are coming from one person. No, let's be clear. Only one person. Only one person. No one else has reported what she's reported and she's attacked me for the last year so you know this is personal. You're speaking of Conyers -- John Kelly. There's 30 of us and we all report to the chief of staff. When he came in it was during a lot of turmoil. And I stand out. I'm the only African-American woman who sits at the table with those 30 assistants to the president and we all had to adjust to his very different militaristic style but I had a very clear, outlined, defined role for what I did, and every captain, every coach gets an opportunity to use a sports analogy to choose their team. Donald Trump chose me for his team. And as John Kelly was starting to develop his team, that is someone that he wanted me to be on his team. Part of one thing you had because of the relationship with the president they say you were able to just walk into the oval office. But John Kelly comes in and says no more of that. That happened. Did he restrict your access? No, first of all, he brought order, much needed order to the west wing, absolutely. If the president called us and wanted to talk to us, then we went to talk with him. I went into the oval to talk with the president any same. You had to be called in? Absolutely. The president, as you know, reads a lot of news, he watches a lot of news, if he had a question about something that he saw and he wanted information, he would call us. If I had to ask him something, I was very respectful of the process. Certainly I had more access than most and people had problems with that. People had problems with my 14-year relationship with this president. But I've always been loyal to him. Straightforward and I've provided him with the support that he's needed throughout this year and the white house. So whenever -- when this did happen did you try to enter the residence and did that happen? No, the white house is the most secure place in the world. It is ridiculous to assert that anyone would be able to violate the security parameters that is outlined in the most secure building in the world. Not only is it ridiculous but it is also absurd and I would hope people recognize there is a good security infrastructure around this president. I wouldn't want anyone nonetheless myself to run around. He is truly the president of the United States. You say you resign. There were reports you were escorted off the grounds. Were you escorted off? No, I was not, in fact, secret service put out a statement because I think they were bothered with the assertion that they were involved with any type of escorting or shutting me down sort of thing and I think you should take the word of the U.S. Secret service over someone who has a personal vendetta to bring me down and personally gain by continuing to advance these false narratives. One thing the secret service did tweet out is that they deactivated your pass. You get two passes. I'm glad you asked that. If you work till the 20th, why would they do that? There are three complexes in the white house and as you are restricted or limited, your access to certain areas is restricted. And so obviously with me leaving, I wouldn't be given an advanced -- the same type of access to classified information or personal presidential communication so that means my pass has to change. What they tweeted was correct. One, I was not escorted. You can believe the secret service and deactivating my pass, reducing it to areas I can only go was correct and should be done in that way as people's roles in the white house change, so should their access. What they tweeted is correct and I believe that CNN should correct their reporting based on the fact that secret service advanced that statement that I was not escorted. I did not cause a disruption and I believe that their word is truly valid. I want to ask you something about one of your friends say Armstrong Williams, Armstrong Williams, you were unhappy with trump's handling of charlessville and endorsement of Roy Moore. Is that true? You know, because I am serving until the 20th, I have to be very careful about how I answer this but there were a lot of things that I observed during the last year that I was very unhappy with, that I was very uncomfortable with, things that I observed. Such as? I can't expand upon it because I have to go back and work with these individuals. But when I have my story to tell as the only African-American woman in this white house, as a senior staff and assistant to the president I have seen things that have made me uncomfortable, that have upset me, that have affected me deeply and emotionally, that has affected my community and people and when I can tell my story, it a profound story that I know the world will want to hear. You were in the white house to bring together, you know, everyone. Unify the country. That's the what president ran under, bringing blacks and whites together. Do you think he's done that effectively? Do you think the job you were put there to do was effective as well. Let me give you perspective. This is not my first time in the white house. I served in the Clinton administration. This is my second tour. Every administration, they seek to unify the country. President Clinton had the commission on race, because he was concerned about how divided the country was. At the end of that report they said they hadn't achieved their goal of unifying the country. That's after eight years. We're in our first -- I'm not talking about president Clinton but with president trump. People forget I'm not new to this. I've been in politics for a very long time and I know what I'm doing. And what was trying to be done 20 years ago and what you're trying to say that we didn't accomplish in 11 months is a little ridiculous. We've been there 11 months. To unify a nation truly divided by one of the most complicated elections in history, to do that in 11 months is almost impossible but did president trump try, I think that he tried in his own way. There are thing that's could have done and things that this administration needs to continue to do to try to bring this country together and hopefully they'll succeed for the good of the nation. You talk about your tour of duty in the white house. You said I fight on the front lines every day. If you're not at the table you're on the menu. Well, you're not loeninger at the table. Where does that leave you. Still engaged and involved in advancing this country. Still making sure that I'm fighting for my community and fighting for issues that are a passion to me and remarkably trying to do that and be certain that I am remembered as somebody who is committed to advancing this country. Omarosa, thank you for joining me and telling your story.

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{"duration":"10:54","description":"Former \"Apprentice\" contestant Omarosa Manigault Newman told \"GMA\" of her tenure in the White House: \"I have seen things that have made me uncomfortable.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"51786556","title":"Controversial WH adviser speaks out on resignation ","url":"/GMA/video/controversial-wh-adviser-speaks-resignation-51786556"}