Convenient Doctor Checkup Near the Checkout

A virtual doctor called "Health Spot" can diagnose minor ailments while you shop at the grocery store.
2:18 | 11/28/14

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Transcript for Convenient Doctor Checkup Near the Checkout
We have been talking about the doc in a box all morning, right? And the doc in a box. Next up, a new way to see the doctor without an appointment or going out of your way. Popping up in stores across the country, allowing you to get a quick checkup when you shop. Forget making appointments weeks in advance, sitting in a crowded waiting room and waiting to see the doctor, the doctor will see you now at your convenience. Even while you're grocery shopping. What brings you into health spot today? Reporter: Nicole is having ear pain and sinus pressure and it's too difficult to get into the regular doctor. It's convenient to be able to grocery shop and visit the doctor. Reporter: The physicians assistant on the screen walks through an ear exam, using the same medical devices in an examine. Look in your ears. That is looks good. The other side. Reporter: So he can have a virtual look at her eardrum and listen to her lungs. While someone onsite cleans the equipment between patients. I felt more involved because I can see what they are seeing rather than just relying on their word. And I got to use all the instruments. That's a real draw for me. Reporter: Health spot in four states accepts insurances. But without the insurance, it's $49 to $79, a far cry from the usual doctor's office fee. We want to provide care for patients, and meet them where they are in their every day life. Reporter: But it's not for every patient. Medical professionals stress this is for a sore throat, a cold, pink eye. In Nicole's case, an up you are respiratory virus. Minor illnesses, many can be handled over the phone. Seeing someone adds something there. I would hope that someone with a serious illness doesn't go to one of these booths. Like Dr. Besser said, minor ailments. But it's going to relieve pressure on emergency rooms. Don't to want go to the doctor, can't take time out of. That's where it comes in. Affordable access. Switching gears, we know that the "Hunger games" is the

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{"duration":"2:18","description":"A virtual doctor called \"Health Spot\" can diagnose minor ailments while you shop at the grocery store.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"27232378","title":"Convenient Doctor Checkup Near the Checkout","url":"/GMA/video/convenient-doctor-checkup-checkout-27232378"}