These Cookies Capture the Year's Best Pop Culture Moments

Plus, "GMA" anchors discuss why venting to your best friend about your significant other can backfire.
8:50 | 12/09/16

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Transcript for These Cookies Capture the Year's Best Pop Culture Moments
usual we have a great audience here in times square. You know what else we have, we have the most popular cookie on Pinterest underneath this tin. What do you think it is? Chocolate chip. Okay. George. That's a pretty safe geshgs right? All right. You know we'll be wrong, though. George, you were actually right if you take a look at what cookie it is. George is all about safety. It is the buttery thumbprint jam cookie. Those were your cookie, right? That is the most popular cookie on Pinterest. More people want to find out how to make that cookie over the holiday especially I'm sure. How is it, George? Pretty good. It's good. So that was that. Coming up. They're looking hungry. You're not going to eat in front of us and not offer us anything. That is the most popular cookie on Pinterest. Salty sweet. Enjoy your cookie. Let's talk. What's going on? Here we go. I have something else for you. A survey -- I love a good survey. I do. I love to find out what people think. Survey says -- When they call me and say, Michael, do you want to do a survey over the phone I say yes with gusto. 35 minutes later. 35 minutes later I regret it. Pitch, every year they make cookies for their clients. They are not for sale but every one of these cookies has the highlights of the year. They put something on the cookies and it is a survey or a quiz. You have to figure out what these cookies mean? Oh, boy. So I have a few here. Takes the fun out of it. It is fun. You sit around the office and have to figure out what they mean. We'll do a little quiz here. Are these our own version. No, this is their version. This is real. This is real. Let's see how good we are. Top highlights of the past year. What do we have there? He got a toupee. No, you don't know what that is? Come on. Did you watch the election? Who asked the question at the election. Oh, Ken. The sweater. Ken bone. Ken bone. Ken bone. His head and it's cut off. That's a combover. I thought it was a new thing. It was all about the sweater. Where is the red sweater. Hey, man, I didn't make this. I'm just bringing the cookies here today. That's one down. How about this one here, let's go with -- oh, we got to get this one. What is that one? Lemonade. Oh, it's Beyonce. It's Beyonce, yeah. Wow. Okay. How about -- oh, that one. TV show. Mike and Lucas and Dustin and eleven -- "Stranger things." I saw eleven, of course. We'll do one more -- Because we're failing. Okay, please, what is that one. Walking off a cliff. Kind of. "Walking dead." "Walking dead." No, they're on the phones. Texting -- Pokemon go. Oh. Tough. I just need a cookie and like relax. All very to say -- It's not a good sign we failed it so badly. I don't know if it's not a good sign for them or us. Not a good sign but there you go. That was my pitch with the cookies. Now that I have one -- We'll keep -- that was kind of a nontraditional holiday cookie but we're 16 days now till Christmas. Of course we all are into the traditions eating cookies every single day. But I want a true confession right here. How many of you are thinking, boy, when it comes down to it I wouldn't mind just being away this Christmas? I'm the only one. Come on. Actually most of you actually want to stick with the traditions right here. A lot of them want to go away. They just don't want to raise their hands. Their families are going to -- A little baby part of me. Michael, good for this. An article in "Redbook" talking about this conflict she felt. She felt like she's a doer, pleaser, always wanted to please her family around Christmas but finally about four years ago her husband and little baby went away for four days and now confessing she loved every single minute of it and has learned even more important has learned how to bring the rest of her family in on it and make them feel good. How so? A lot of time. A tradition that is sticking now. Sticking and go away every Christmas and -- Avoid the big family -- Four or five days later they see their family after Christmas and it's a second gift, less pressure, second gift for their daughter and not the real -- She looked out the window and saw the ocean on Christmas morning. It was her first gift, one she didn't even have to unwrap and I started laughing, I was thinking that sounds really nice. I do love the tradition, I have to say. I have a huge family and Christmas eve even though it's frenetic. I don't think I would miss it for the world. For a lot of people with packing up the kids, packing up the husband and getting in the car making sure everybody is on time and puts a lot of pressure on whoever is leading that charge to go on to the family -- It's what you need that you should feel fine. Whether it's obligatory or something you wanted to and if you can find a way to do both in your own way that's how you should go about it. I say you treat every day like Christmas. Beautiful, Michael. Thank you. All right, sometimes, well, we all get into arguments with our significant others, right? Okay, so, never, never. What do you do -- I've done this. I don't know if it's a girl thick or universal but sometimes call our best friend and complain about our significant other, yes, have you all done that? Sometimes? Okay, all the time, every time and it seems therapeutic in the moment. I'm like I'm getting it off the chest completely on my side and by the way only hearing my side but there's now some concern that this could cause a problem with your friendship. We've got a sipsychologist that says this could backfire just like this episode of "Sex and the city." Take a look. He called. He sounded upset and said he needed to talk. Since when does big talk? What do does that mean? He's upset about Natasha leaving. You know what, I'm not holding your hand through this again. I'm not asking you to hold my anything. We're just having lunch. A huge mistake. It is not a huge mistake. It's lunch. Wake up, Carrie. How many more types are you going to go through this? He is bad for you. After you complain about the significant other and then you make up and all good now your friend is still feeling that anger. Has that ever happened to anybody? It doesn't just go for relationships, it can be a friend thing when you're mad at one friend and sort of dump to another friend and then you guys work it out and the other friend is like, wait, I thought I was sort of buying your story and I thought she wasn't a good person. So, yeah, I think you have to be very, very careful with relieving your own anxiety. I know it's like an indulgent thing because it feels so good at the moment. I learned my -- Moi mom taught me not to do. I've learned my lesson from people complaining and then they're back with her. You're going, oh, yeah, I really -- I was kidding. One situation where it's better to be a guy. I do tell my friends, don't complain if you -- if there's a chance you're going to get back together because it makes it awkward for me as a friend and for you to be -- Family too. You can dump on your parents and say my husband or boyfriend is doing this then it creates real tension when you're all together again. Makes sense the advice is you seek out professional help. You talk to somebody who can hear both sides of the story so that it isn't just one-sided because although we think we're probably total right we're probably not. Three sides to every story, there's yours, there's somewhere in the middle is the truth. That's true? Very wise. I believe that too. Mine, mine and mine. I'm joking. I'm joking. All right. I enjoyed talking to you. This is a lot of fun.

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{"id":44077858,"title":"These Cookies Capture the Year's Best Pop Culture Moments","duration":"8:50","description":"Plus, \"GMA\" anchors discuss why venting to your best friend about your significant other can backfire.","url":"/GMA/video/cookies-capture-years-best-pop-culture-moments-44077858","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}