Grace on Seacat Trial: 'Forensics Will Carry the Day'

Nancy Grace and Dan Abrams discuss the former police officer accused of killing his wife.
3:03 | 06/05/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Grace on Seacat Trial: 'Forensics Will Carry the Day'
Legal team Nancy Grace from H Allen and Jim a legal analyst Dan Abrams and -- begin would even covered a lot of this this on your show. Nancy Grace -- prosecution is really put on a strong case. They really have I think what's really interesting is if you look -- trajectory path of the bullets. It's almost impossible for her to committed suicide in this manner and I really think that for rendition going to carried today. He says he. Got a call from her on the sell side heard a popping noise went upstairs she committed suicide and -- the bedroom of fire by one single bullet shot. It would've gone in her in here and damn word front. Back to front and it clearly he shot her standing over her in the -- he said he went to rescue her but instead he picked -- -- And it just threw her down and ran out it doesn't making these -- And you add to that the fact that you have motive you have incriminating statements from him you have incriminating statements that she -- Before she died about him. You've got this note that was found where it seems that he's taking notes about what he should say. When he's arrested took this is a very strong -- -- his only hope there's this other note -- only hope. Is this suit said the alleged suicide note right prosecution expert has come in and said. She didn't write. If these jurors believe she didn't write it he's -- cases don't I don't care to take stand doesn't extent he's got a chance if the jurors have some doubt. There are some questions maybe she could have written it. That's his only hope in this case but -- As Dan points -- Nancy -- prosecutions aren't. Brought in at least one witness on that note. Yeah and what's so interesting about handwriting analysis -- remember the first time I ever did want. It was with a bank robbery net lucky -- -- made that bank robber was dislikes sit stay read don't touch the Al ram this is a rather be. Because he -- at his letters. And in -- handwriting sample he was also dislikes does that tell me a lot. But that's my first learned about him riding and they've already got a defense expert to say it is her handwriting. I predicted that it is going to rely on the HCG the human -- got it got -- -- -- -- They diet aid and say she was so depressed from -- she shot herself good luck with that -- cat. Yet the -- the only question now is does he take the stand right in the end and the way to evaluate this to some degree -- -- this case so bad for him. He has to take this -- it in this kind of case you don't want. This guy to take the stand because you've got the motive stuff you've got the statements he's made they're gonna confront it -- all of this you want to keep -- the stand. But if things are going so badly. That you say to yourself to some degree we have nothing to lose -- like -- areas exactly I don't Larry you know then maybe you do. And the lawyer for his lawyers claiming that he's got to take the stand but I never believe these defense lawyers when they claim their clients are gonna take this case that brings are rare green from Dan -- has yet guys thanks very much.

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{"duration":"3:03","description":"Nancy Grace and Dan Abrams discuss the former police officer accused of killing his wife.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19328675","title":"Grace on Seacat Trial: 'Forensics Will Carry the Day'","url":"/GMA/video/cop-brett-seacat-accused-murder-nancy-grace-forensics-19328675"}