'Copycats' Arrested in Phoenix Highway Shooting Case

Three teenagers were arrested in Arizona for allegedly using a slingshot and rocks to attack pedestrians and cars.
1:49 | 09/14/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Copycats' Arrested in Phoenix Highway Shooting Case
Police in Phoenix arrested three copycats Sunday night. One person of interest in custody this morning. Kayna Whitworth is on the scene in Phoenix. Reporter: Good morning. As we get set for this busy Sunday morning, authorities are monitoring some 200 traffic cam yas overlooking the Phoenix area alone. That's I-10. This is all happening as the shooter or shooters are still at large. This morning, the police searching for the person or persons responsible for the 11 reported shootings along Arizona highways in the last two weeks. Late Sunday, authorities arresting three 18-year-old men they say are copycats who used a slingshot to shoot at drivers and pedestrians on Saturday night. These are kids out thinking maybe they come up with good ideas. None of this is fun and games. Reporter: Police say these copycats are unrelated to the 11 other incidents across this eight-mile stretch of highway. On Friday, police taking Oscar Munoz into custody. He's been held on unrelated charges. The city on edge. Thousands of football fans heading to the cardinals game on Sunday avoiding the highway. Hopefully, whoever this is is caught soon. Reporter: Mark spicer, a former sniper and expert witness in the 2003 D.C. Sniper trial says this is far from over. Ultimately, the goal for him or her will be to say to the police, I'm still here. Reporter: That's a scary mentality for parents that are putting their kids on school buses this morning morning. Many district drivers ordered to avoid highways until the all-clear is given.

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{"duration":"1:49","description":"Three teenagers were arrested in Arizona for allegedly using a slingshot and rocks to attack pedestrians and cars.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"33740586","title":"'Copycats' Arrested in Phoenix Highway Shooting Case","url":"/GMA/video/copycats-arrested-phoenix-highway-shooting-case-33740586"}