Cory Monteith Emmy Tribute Questioned

Some are criticizing the award show's decision to do an extended tribute to the late "Glee" star.
2:28 | 09/20/13

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Transcript for Cory Monteith Emmy Tribute Questioned
battle brewing over cory monteith. The emmys are sunday. But some say he doesn't deserve recognition. Abc's neal karlinsky has the story. Reporter: Of all the places for controversy will be brewing at the primetime emmy awards, the speeches, the outfits. This year, it's the in memorium segment. Five people will be singled out for longer tributes. James gandolfini. Actors jean stapleton and jonathan winters, along with producer gary david goldberg and, this is where the controversy comes in, 31-year-old cory monteith of "glee." ♪ Why should we worry ♪ he certainly doesn't have the body of work that the other people do. The fact that he was beloved and people would really be upset if they didn't acknowledge him. Reporter: Emmy producers found themselves defending the decision on a conference call with reporters after many argued that while monteith's overdose and death is tragic, he doesn't have nearly the body of work of, say, larry hagman of "dallas" fame, or jack klugman, who didn't make the cut. "Variety" published an editorial against the decision. Cory has a wonderful career that was cut short. What about the other people who had longer careers and we miss terribly? Reporter: Emmy show top producer, ken ehrlich, said it was important to represent younger viewers. Cory's appeal was to maybe a little different generation than some of the others we're honoring. Show producers say they're standing by the decision on what is become an awkward controversy. Vafing an actor friends remember, as always humble about his fame. For "good morning america," neal karlinsky, abc news, seattle. In our abc news online poll, we asked should the emmys honor cory monteith with a special tribute. And it is almost exactly 50/50 right now. It's hard. It is a hard decision. Not so much to honor him. It's the other -- jack klugman. That's right. They are honoring them. Good way of putting it. Join us monday morning for our complete emmy coverage right here in times square. It will be good.

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{"id":20316319,"title":"Cory Monteith Emmy Tribute Questioned","duration":"2:28","description":"Some are criticizing the award show's decision to do an extended tribute to the late \"Glee\" star.","url":"/GMA/video/corey-monteith-emmy-tribute-questioned-20316319","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}