Corrine Olympios speaks out on 'Bachelor in Paradise' scandal

The reality TV personality opens up about the incident and what she remembers happened on the set of the show.
5:11 | 08/29/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Corrine Olympios speaks out on 'Bachelor in Paradise' scandal
And now to "Bachelor in paradise" star Corinne olympios caught up in that scandal that traernl shut down the production. Last week Demario Jackson broke down in tears and now it's Corinne's turn to break her silence and she's with me right now and will join us in a moment. First, take a look. She was the one to watch on Nick Viall's season of "The bachelor." Miami native Corinne olympios, known for her outrageous behavior. Guys, if you can't handle being interrupted why did you come here? Bachelor nation tuning in to see what the reality star would say or do next. Come on. Making her an obvious choice for this season of "Bachelor in paradise." Instantly hitting it off with cassianmate Demario Jackson. Corinne and I, man, you know, it's like extremely natural. Reporter: The show taking an unexpected turn, production shut down on day two of filming. Shut it down. Reporter: A producer alleging misconduct on the set between Jackson and olympios and Jackson saying he didn't understand what happened. It wasn't like Corinne complained or I complained. I was confused. Reporter: Production resumed without olympios and Jackson after an investigation found no evidence of misconduct but Jackson says for him and his family things just got worse. It's difficult. I love my mom more than anything in this world and seeing her cry, like every single day and just, it was difficult, man. Reporter: Now olympios is telling her side of the story. I can say I'm not like super D% nervous. Corinne is here for her first live interview since this happened. In fact, you just told me you were a little nervous right here. Tell me how you're doing. You've been through quite a bit over the past few months. What are you feeling now? I have definitely taken my time to, you know, deal with everything, heal and, you know, I just felt, you know, laying low was really the best thing for me to do. So I'm definitely doing better. You are going to explain tonight with Chris Harrison what happened. That you basically had a blackout. You don't remember what happened. Can you elaborate on what you do remember? I really don't remember much at all. I remember nothing from, you know, the situation and it was just really unfortunate. Was it alcohol? Was it just alcohol? Was it more than alcohol? It actually was. I did drink, you know, too much. I definitely understand that but I was also on a medication that, you know, severely blacks you out and impairs your judgment and, you know, messes with your balance that I didn't know you were supposed to not drink on. And so it really just caused a horrible, horrible blackout and I just -- it was like I went like under anesthesia and then just like woke up. You woke up and didn't really remember what had happened but then there was that video. You've watched it? I've seen some of the footage, yeah, and obviously I watched the first episode. What do you think when you watch it back? It's like I'm watching not me. I'm watching someone else. I was like in shock. Have you made changes in your life since this experience, since seeing that footage and knowing what people said happened? I definitely -- I'm weinaning off that medication. I don't want to be taking -- it was very scary what happened and I, you know, cut down the drinking and, yeah. You're working on yourself. When production shut down you released a statement saying I am a victim. How are you a victim? I was a victim of, you know, just being blown into the media and, you know, having people make these crazy, you know, assumptions and judgments about what happened that day and, you know, I was really a victim of the media. It was just all of a sudden people became an expert on the situation and on what happened and it's like, well, I'm still trying to figure out exactly what happened and it was just horrible to deal with. You experienced a backlash. Bad, yeah. How bad did it get? It got really, really bad. It's till -- it got a lot better but the things people say are just insane. Do you blame the producers at all of the show for overreacting to the situation for shutting down the production for creating the media firestorm that was created? No, no, not at all. I would hope that if a producer, you know, saw anything that they were uncomfortable with anyone they would, you know, do the proper investigations and everything to make sure that, you know, everybody is safe and everything like that. I'm super thankful. Do you have anything to say to Demario? You saw him get emotional last week. You may see him at the reunion. What are your thoughts about him. I wish him well. There's no bad blood there. I wish him well always. We will look forward to your interview, your big sit-down with Chris tonight. Yes. We really appreciate your time. Corinne olympios and tonight's episode of "Bachelor in paradise" airs at 8:00, 7:00 right here on ABC. Thanks again.

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{"duration":"5:11","description":"The reality TV personality opens up about the incident and what she remembers happened on the set of the show. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"49479919","title":"Corrine Olympios speaks out on 'Bachelor in Paradise' scandal","url":"/GMA/video/corrine-olympios-speaks-live-gma-bachelor-paradise-scandal-49479919"}