Monteith Death Blamed on Heroin, Alcohol Mix

The coroner says the 31-year-old actor died of mixed drug toxicity involving heroin and alcohol.
4:26 | 07/17/13

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Transcript for Monteith Death Blamed on Heroin, Alcohol Mix
We begin with cory monteith. Neal karlinsky is in vancouver with the latest. Good morning, neal. Reporter: Good morning, george. Sad to say, this is exactly what people feared. 31-year-old cory monteith died in his hotel here this weekend, from the very drugs he had been battling for so much of his adult life. Investigators say it was clear the moment cory monteith's body was found, unresponsive and alone in his hotel room, that an overdose was likely to blame. The coroner says the 31-year-old actor died of a mixed drug toxicity involving heroin and alcohol. Absolutely nothing at this point, no evidence suggests this is anything other than the most sad and tragic accident. Reporter: Police say he returned to his hotel room at 2:15 a.M. Saturday, alone, after a night hitting several vancouver bars with friends. Similar outings were photographed and obtained by tmz earlier in the week. There were three people with mr. Monteith the night before he died.Spoken witall three of them. They were all very cooperative. Reporter: The teen idol with a big heart and golden voice seemed at times to be living a double-life. There was the all-american good guy, who dated his on-screen love, lea michele. And the gritty kid who started using drugs at 13. Dropped out of school young, and sought help in rehab as recently as just a few months ago. It was a challenge he was vocal about, eagerly wanting to help others. If I can, through my experience, shed light on the way out of a difficult situation, that I know many kids are experiencing, like I did as a teenager. Reporter: A clip has been released showing monteith in a soon-to-be released film playing a drug addict. Late tuesday, lea michele's publicist released a news statement. Lea has been grievin alongside his family and making appropriate arrangements with them. They are supporting each other as they endure this profound loss. In the end, fame and good fortune couldn't fight back a lifetime of addiction. The 31-year-old who appeared to have it all, died alone, far from hollywood, near the streets of his childhood. He seemed to really be in a good place. You know, he checked into rehab in april. He completed it. And so, he seemed to be like he was back on track. Reporter: As far as investigators are concerned, this is essentially case closed. Monteith's family has asked for privacy. Funeral plans have not been announced. Elizabeth? All right, neal. Thank you so much. And for more, now, joining us from san francisco, is addiction specialist, christina wanselek. There were reports that he had been seen, cory, in vancouver, the night he died, drinking a beer, which seems to be innocuous. But you maintain that it isn't for somebody with his history. Absolutely. Anytime you have an addictive substance that interacts with an addictive biochemistry, you make the chemical reaction to it. When you have a person recovering from addiction, it's completely unsafe to engage in any sort of addictive substance. He didn't stand a chance. The beer actually was the pebble that created this massive avalanche. And doctors and experts a often advice addicts from going to places and being with people they used to party with because it can be a trigger. And looks like it might have been in this case, as well. Absolutely. But relapse is a process. It didn't begin when he went into vancouver. It's a process. It happens over a course of time. And the actual using is the end of that process. So, whatever was happening to him prior is part -- that's the part that's most important. It's not about being around old friends. When we are taking care of our addiction, when we are maintaining our recovery, we can go anywhere and be with whomever and be safe in that environment. When he was so public with his battle, had the support of so many friends and family, people seemed to be saying that he was doing so well and this was a surprise. Absolutely. We, that are recovering from addiction, can do really well in our lives. And relapse doesn't have to be part of recovery. But if we're not maintaining it, it certainly can be. Thank you so much. Thanks for joining us with some great advice for people who might be fighting the same battle.

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{"id":19686160,"title":"Monteith Death Blamed on Heroin, Alcohol Mix","duration":"4:26","description":"The coroner says the 31-year-old actor died of mixed drug toxicity involving heroin and alcohol.","url":"/GMA/video/cory-monteith-death-death-blamed-heroin-alcohol-mix-19686160","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}