Countdown to Thanksgiving: Alton Brown's Cooking Tricks

The "Cutthroat Kitchen" host shares some travel and timesaving tips for your Thanksgiving favorites.
3:45 | 11/25/14

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Transcript for Countdown to Thanksgiving: Alton Brown's Cooking Tricks
Right now, Alton brown is helping us countdown to Thanksgiving. He hosts "Cut throat kitchen." No sabotage here. He's brought tips for preparing and transporting your Thanksgiving meal. You are slapping our hands. Trying to keep you off the feed. We like to eat. Stay in a size zero, can't eat this. Mashed potatoes, reheat them, don't taste the same. You have to store and relet them. Zip top bags, pot of hot water, towel in the bottom, on the stove top, low heat, filled with water, drop in and leaf them. In about 15 minutes, piping hot. And don't make them gummy, put the butter and the herbs. And you can freeze them in the bags. It'll be fine. Okay. I trust you. I trust you. You should. Love green bean casserole. I do too. I love when it's crunchy. If you're transporting this a long distance. Do the webeans, sauce, onions separately and assemble later. I cook in cast iron skillets, so it stays hot. But you end up with soggy onions. Cook them ahead, put them on the cassero casserole, and right before I serve it. You're such a new Yorker, it's just a torch. Take a torch from a hardware store. And in 30 seconds, you get nice -- Wow, look at that. Nice, crispy onions. What man's not sexy carrying one of these. I have crispy coming out of my ears, ladies. That's a tip for that. What says Thanksgiving more than having a blow torch like that? Nothing. Stuffing is a must. Stuffing is a big issue when you're dressing. Only stuffing inside the bird. Outside the bird, it's dressing. Just saying. Here's the thing, instead of making it in a big vessel. You want to make this at somebody else's house, make it in muffin tins, stick in a bag, transport them, in the pan, 350 oven for ten minutes. And they're hot again. Somebody's been picking at this. See no evil, hear no evil -- Taste no evil. Can we taste this? It's hard when you're transporting the Turkey. Here's the deal. Watch this. Okay. If you have the Turkey gone and have to go to grandmother's house, take them, do this. I've got a box. A card board box, all right. Card board box, packing chips. What? These are from FedEx or some other shipper, not an endorse. Make the Turkey in a roasting pan and a bath towel. Pick it up, you got that? Got it. Drop it on the packing chips. Put the towel over it. Either more packing chips or even bubble wrap on top of that. Close up the box and you have a special delivery for grandmom's house. That's all you have to do. That'll stay hot for about three hours like that. You should take this act on the road, and you are on tour, aren't you? Dance, we need the dancing part. There you go. Now it's a show. Aren't you going on tour? Yes. I have been on tour, Alton brown And back on tour in January. And the next few games anybody with problems on Thanksgiving, tweet Thanksgiving sos. I'll be there. With a blow torch. We'll be right back.

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{"duration":"3:45","description":"The \"Cutthroat Kitchen\" host shares some travel and timesaving tips for your Thanksgiving favorites.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"27163084","title":"Countdown to Thanksgiving: Alton Brown's Cooking Tricks","url":"/GMA/video/countdown-thanksgiving-alton-browns-cooking-tricks-27163084"}