Country Crooners Brad Paisley, Carrie Underwood Take CMA's By Storm

The country stars reveal their pre-show ritual as acting hosts for sixth straight year.
6:46 | 11/01/13

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Transcript for Country Crooners Brad Paisley, Carrie Underwood Take CMA's By Storm
It is always a pleasure to have country superstars brad paisley, carrie underwood here with us. Gearing up for next wednesday when they host the cma awards. Give a proper welcome to brad paisley and carrie underwood. You're going to hear that a lot in nashville. I couldn't be there last year. I'm so excited we're going to be back. That morning, we're going to have a live concert with luke bryan. I'm going to present that night. And really looking forward to being with you. Did you know, you actually are presenting -- are we supposed to tell her now? I think so. This is a really good -- you don't know what you're presenting, do you? No. It's a really big award. Oh. The small market -- entertainer. You're presenting entertainer of the year. I'm going to present entertainer of the year? Yeah. And you are to present it to one of us. Even though we're not nominated. That's not scandalous at all. I know you won it a few years ago. That's a high honor. That means I have to stay up for the entire show. Isn't that the last one? That's true. We're hosting. So -- it will fly by. It's a joy to watch the two of you together. Thank you for saying that. It's more fun to watch than to be us. Why do you think it works? It's not fun being me. It's fun being her. Why do you think it works, carrie? We've known each other since one of my very first tours that I got to be a part of his tour. And I don't know. It just -- chemistry, the people we get to work around and work with. It's good. We figured out who we are up there. We figured out what our strengths are. They're showing something here. That's our first year. Why are you showing that? We've come a long way. Looking at the first year and fast-forwarding. What's the difference now when you guys are up there? Compared to the first time you were up there together? Last year was the big test because we ended up having to change half of that monologue at 6:00. Why? Just the monologue. Just random stuff. Well, truthfully, a couple of artists complained about some of the jokes. We made the mistake of letting them know what they were. And there were also some other things. And next thing you know, we're rewriting and rewriting. And we said, how are we going to end this? And we kind of winged it. Wow. You couldn't tell. It went pretty well. Live television, last-minute changes, what could go wrong? We have no idea. We want to play a little game. The last time you were here, she beat me in bowling. She is a very competitive woman, brad. She's going to compete with you. Josh has his skinny mic. I happen to have my skinny mic. And away we go. We met our lovely contestants. Here we go, with the first question. Last year, brad couldn't stop himself from dancing. Carrie, after a long pause, jumped in. What was the dance? It was gangnam style. Judges? Let's take a look. Thankfully we didn't tell brad about this. That was really good. This is the first time I've seen that. I'm not kidding. During the 2010 awards, you shared a message about identity theft. Which celebrity then stole brad's identity, forcing brad to race on stage? Oh, yeah. Race on stage. That's for me, right? Yes. It was darrell waltrip. I'm kidding. Jeff gordon. I almost wanted that to be wrong. It is. Jeff gordon is correct. Do we have a clip? Millions of you around the world become innocent victims of identity theft. And that is no laughing matter. Jeff? What do you think you're doing? I'm not jeff gordon. I'm brad paisley. The audience didn't know. No. I thought that was you to begin with. How do you see over the stetson? and finally -- tiebreaker. During the 2009 awards, brad, you told carrie she was hot, after trying to divert your wife's attention. That's true. Is that true? Judges? Yes, that is true. Let's take a look. Uh-oh. I don't feel well. Can you feel me and tell me if you think I'm hot? I'm wearing the same thing. Hey, honey? What's that? She's definitely hot. Yeah. You watch -- she's like a little vixen on "nashville." Is that a stretch for her? No. And you, robin. You're a little vixen. That was so much fun. Let's find out if you know a little bit more about each other. A lightning round? A lightning round. Brad, what is carrie's nationality? The name underwood is actually norwegian. It goes back to ancient times when a logger married a lingerie model. That's how they got the name underwood. Am I right? Norwegian? I'm going -- turn around is fair play. His nationality, carrie? I don't know. Oh, gosh. I got nothing. Scottish. Paisley's scottish. How about feeding the material, paisley. Carrie, brad, thank you very much. We're looking forward to -- I won. It was tied. You love awards. Look how she becomes. I would like to thank brad. Congratulations. Congratulations. The cma awards airs right here on abc, wednesday at 8:00, 7:00

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{"id":20752145,"title":"Country Crooners Brad Paisley, Carrie Underwood Take CMA's By Storm","duration":"6:46","description":"The country stars reveal their pre-show ritual as acting hosts for sixth straight year.","url":"/GMA/video/country-crooners-brad-paisley-carrie-underwood-cmas-storm-20752145","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}