Country Music's Biggest Stars Shine on the CMA Stage

Music stars Keith Urban and Miranda Lambert make final preps for the CMA Awards.
2:11 | 11/06/13

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Transcript for Country Music's Biggest Stars Shine on the CMA Stage
tonight, we caught up with some of your good friends. Yes. They were backstage. They were having a good time. They were getting ready for the big awards show. And talking about lady a. Keith urban. Miranda lambert. All of them preparing for tonight's big show. Take a look. We got the lights. The camera. And plenty of action. Gearing up for country music's biggest night. Singers like jason aldean. And lady antebellum. Rocking their pre-cma sound checks. This is as excited as we've been for a performance. And with the nominations, as well. It's humbling to be recognized. ♪ I don't know why you don't take me downtown ♪ Reporter: One of lady a.'S nominations, video of the year, for their hit single, "downtown." Video of the year, we've never been nominated for. We are good at making videos. Reporter: Speaking of doing something right. We caught nashville royalty, keith urban, and miranda lambert, rehearsing their duet debut of their new song, "we were us." You dream about a little girl singing in your hair brush in the mirror. I was singing into my hair drier. And someone said, you should turn it off. But it looks better when it's blowing. Reporter: And while the two may be a match made in country music heaven, we noticed some interesting stars aligning in the seating arrangement. There's kenny rogers, right behind p. Diddy. And taylor swift just a few chairs away from dave grohl. The guru of grunge, going country, to perform with the zac brown band. ♪ think it's a testament to our genre. There's a lot of people making really great music. Reporter: Really great music, for what is sure to be a really

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{"id":20801972,"title":"Country Music's Biggest Stars Shine on the CMA Stage","duration":"2:11","description":"Music stars Keith Urban and Miranda Lambert make final preps for the CMA Awards.","url":"/GMA/video/country-musics-biggest-stars-shine-cma-stage-20801972","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}