Mindy McCready Dead at 37 From Apparent Suicide

The country music singer was found dead from an apparently self-inflicted gunshot wound.
3:41 | 02/18/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Mindy McCready Dead at 37 From Apparent Suicide
The news overnight on country music star Mindy McCready dead at 37 an apparent suicide -- and going through a period of real turmoil struggling with substance abuse rehab and most recently the death of her boyfriend ABC's Chris Connelly. Has the story now of the woman. With so much lost promise. Years ago long before her portrayal of a hung over party girl would seem cruelly ironic. Mindy McCready was a fresh faced forty year old from Florida mr. guys -- -- all the time became a number one country single in 1996. -- Her bright promise still shine through the nineteen. Concert debut CD 101000 angels went double platinum but the radiance of that smile would fade. As alcohol and drug dependency. Seized control of her life. There were four suicide attempts there were several arrests there were his at least three trips to rehab -- put together her career was derailed because her personal life was so chaotic. He spoke openly about her predictions on who view and 2010. When that they're waiting to be some kind of crisis or some kind. Painful thing happened to me you know it was readily available to going straight to my. In reality TV chronicled her struggle to get clean. When she sat down with ABC news latest 2011. McCready was hoping that she had turned a corner. I grew up -- -- really difficult play. I'm very proud that -- made it this far and that I understand. Why I had made the bad choices I've made and how not to make them in the future. Yet on Sunday afternoon Mindy McCready was found dead of an apparently self inflicted gunshot -- She leaves behind two young sons and un sullied memories of -- hopeful young singer who once dreamed of having it all. Instead are being. 37 years old. Good Morning America Chris -- ABC news Boston -- -- -- Thank you Chris wouldn't bring in Jamie legal analyst Dan Abrams -- and -- clearly a troubled individual here had dealt with numerous legal. Issues. Over her like most recently the questions around the death of her then boyfriend so what -- to make. About -- who initially that was deemed to be a suicide and then the authorities said awaited second or they're too many questions here we want to continue that. I don't think this is going to change that I think they're still gonna want answers to know what happened how it happened and there's an argument he made the -- -- kick it -- further gear. As the authorities are try to get some of those answers some of those questions and. She also dealt with addiction for most of her adult life her children actually put into Foster care just a month ago when she was. Placed in the court orders rehab rehab so now what what -- comfortable. Last time that we we talked about this on the show she had actually taken one of the children. A way out of state. Against a court order and the question there was how -- they get her back. She eventually gave up both of her children when she went into this court ordered addiction program. And now we we're gonna figure out what happens to these kids because remember the father of the older child lost custody after he allegedly tried to kill her. So there's all sorts of family problems here. I would expect it be the father of Zander the older child is now gonna trying get custody back and and the question is is Egan also asked for custody of little's -- ten months old how sad that -- -- -- -- -- and ultimately as we appreciate it okay.

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{"id":18528116,"title":"Mindy McCready Dead at 37 From Apparent Suicide","duration":"3:41","description":"The country music singer was found dead from an apparently self-inflicted gunshot wound.","url":"/GMA/video/country-singer-mindy-mccready-dead-37-apparent-suicide-18528116","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}