Couple Claims Babysitter Stole Thousands

Recruiting and using the background check from may not have been enough for this family.
3:18 | 09/16/15

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Transcript for Couple Claims Babysitter Stole Thousands
parenting alert from a couple who say their baby-sitter stole thousands of dollars even as they recruited her and ran a background check on the popular website This story came to us thanks to an investigation about a Atlanta affiliate WSB TV and Mara schiavocampo here with the details. Hey, Mara. Reporter: Good morning. That couple thought they did everything right but it turns out the sitter lied about her identity and she's now in jail. So, just what can you do to make sure you're not opening up your home to a potential criminal? When it was time to find a new baby-sitter I had some requirements. Reporter: Finding baby-sitters can be tough so moms everywhere are using sites like to help find the perfect and safe sitter for their kids. She has everything I want and everything mom wants. Reporter: But now a recent investigation by our Atlanta affiliate wsb-tv details what one family calls a horrifying outcome of their sitter search. 48-year-old mom Keating Mccarthy and her husband David hired a nanny named Regina Christopher. I felt she was a very safe nice person that would do a great job and care a lot for my child relationship the mccarthys say Christopher spent only one night sitting for their 8-year-old son and a couple of days later both Keating and David say their identities were stolen. She tried to charge several charges on my American Express and she tried to open up two capital one cards on my husband's account using his social security number that she had stolen. Reporter: offers three levels of background checks ranging from $59 to $300. The mccarthys using the preferred package which came back clean. Why? Their sitter had given a fake identity. Regina Christopher was a woman named Gina groves who had warps for her arrest in four counties. I just could not believe I was so gullible to have let a virtual -- a complete stranger into my house and left her at home alone with my child. Since this was a case of identity theft regardless of the level of background checks they would not have even noticed it so it will be a clean check. Reporter: telling ABC this is a highly unfortunate incident. This provider is a career criminal who violated our terms and conditions by providing false information. So, what can you do to keep your kids safe when searching for your next nanny? Go on to somebody's Twitter account. Do a Google search, match perhaps the picture they provided you with the actual individual and see if those closely match. Reporter: A few other tip, check referrals to actually make sure they exist and that they really do have great things to say about the sitter. Experts also suggest returning home earlier than you said you would to see what the sitter is doing. My mom used ? I'll S you at me. Thegg mcmuin. Made wh a frescrackedegg anreal but. On at doldmc.'s M Lovin . Micationis sides Ra ato.wl Millns of pele are eimated to sufr from opioid-iuced conipation, oic,

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{"duration":"3:18","description":"Recruiting and using the background check from may not have been enough for this family.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"33794940","title":"Couple Claims Babysitter Stole Thousands","url":"/GMA/video/couple-claims-babysitter-stole-thousands-33794940"}