Couple Reacts to Same-Day Wedding Surprise

Alfred and Sherrell Duncan dish on their same-day nuptials.
11:06 | 10/04/16

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Transcript for Couple Reacts to Same-Day Wedding Surprise
how to be a part of this. Yes. We come up here and kick off all these hot top picks. One thing I'm bringing to the table. You are but there's something we saw earlier. Guy gets engaged and gets married on the same day. Within hours. Within hours. We have a great crew. We have great staff and my stylist Deandre sent this my way and said -- there he is. He said we have to -- The one and only Deandre. I know. Very understated today. Usually the hat on and all that going on but he said he has these two friend, Alfred Duncan and Sherrell and he told her hours later we're getting married and it was just amazing to see and here's the video he posted. Will you please be my wife? Oh. ? Aaagh! I love it. I'm so happy that you chose to do this for me. I love you so much. Can you do me a big favor and put our hands together as I present for the very first time Mr. And Mrs. Alfred Duncan. Oh. That was beautiful. All done like that. Hey, y'all, would you like to see the newlyweds? They're joining us here live. Hey, guys, Alfred, Sherrell. We can all feel the love and you look beautiful. How in the world -- Thank you. Did you pull this off, Alfred? It took a lot of help. A lot of her friends helped me out with this. To organize, a lot of my family and ultimately, you know, I just study the her for a very long time and I learned what she liked. What she would want and, yeah, yeah, I just thank god like it's gone viral. I wasn't expecting this, of course. Not one person posted the video, I didn't care. I was trying to impress and amaze my beautiful wife. Your wife. You love saying wife. Now, Sherrell, what did you think, the proposal, we've seen that happen before and you think you're going to have your photos taken for the engage many and what happened? Listen, I'm still trying to figure out this all out. Like, who does this? You know what I mean. So now I'm looking ahead, I got to get to know you all over again. I didn't even know you had this in you. But I was amazed. I literally was like, there's nothing but like a spirit holding my legs up because I am about to pass out. I was about to throw up. I couldn't see, I couldn't hear. I couldn't feel. I couldn't breathe. I couldn't do anything. I was just -- as you can see the video, people are saying I'm dramatic. But that was pure genuine emotion. I could not stop jumping. I couldn't stop jumping. Now, Sherrell, I have to ask, there are some women that say you didn't get to pick out the dress, but Alfred took care of that too, didn't he? How did he go about that? How did you do it, Alfred. Well, so, yeah, so she actually did get to pick out the dress. We are brand ambassadors for a clothing design, I mean a clothing company called young fashion so probably three months ago I told the girl, I said, listen, I need you to convince my girlfriend to, you know, get -- to design her own dress so came one a plan. She said she was coming up with this, you know, good -- this thick line for voluptuous beautiful women and she came and measured her. She asked her, you know, what kind of wedding dress would you want? What kind of material, all of that so she did. She actually designed her wedding dress unbeknownst to her. That was so slick with that, robin. He was so slick with everything. Alfred, I got to ask you raised the bar so high with the proposal and wedding. What are you going to do on anniversary one? Hey, listen, I don't have to plan nothing for the next two to three years. It's all on her. It's all on her. I'm done. Now -- I still take out the trash. Yeah, yeah. But, Sherrell -- He better take out the trash. Hey, with that, welcome to married life, Alfred. Sherrell, come clean a little bit here because he -- when he was planning this he was out late, he was doing all this mysterious things and what did you think was going on? Listen, one more time and go out on a balcony or one more trip to get coffee at 10:00 at night, we're going to have some type of conversation. I ain't sure what was going on. I was calling my friends, I'm like listen, I don't know what's going on with him. He'll pick up the phone be and be like uh, yeah, hole on -- I look at him. Is he losing his mind? Get back in here off that phone. It was insane. I'm so glad that that's over with. Oh, my god. Hey. That's great. Well, Alfred, Alfred and sherre Sherrell, we wish you every happiness in the world, Deandre sings your praises and so glad he sent it our way so people could see the love so all the best to you both. Thank you so much. Good morning, America. She got a good morning in. Oh and the morning is only getting better. We have a superstar joining us right now, Molly Shannon, come on out. ? Michael. Mwah. Hi, robin. Mwah. George. Mwah. Lara. How are you? Whoo! I love this. Yes. Thank you, robin. So excited to have you here. I like being on morning -- this show. I like mornings and coffee and good mornings and I like America. Well said. Well said. We love your new show on HBO. Thank you so much. Isn't it juicy so good. Guy, it is a great show. It's starring Sarah Jessica parker and Molly called divorce gorse and Molly plays a character that is a handful. Yes. Named Diane. Yes, my first episode, wow. Started with a bang, we'll say. Ohhers good. Yeah, my character is kind of -- she's in like a volatile marriage, a very roller coaster marriage. It's a fun character to play and Sara Jessica and I are good friends on the show and she is a delight to work with. She is the best. Tell us about -- or actually, why don't we show you a little bit. Here's Diane in action. I have to get to the station. Make yourselves at home. Don't bust up the party because of me. There's plenty of food for everybody if you want food. You're so skinny. Get a little piece of cheesecake. Frances, open champagne but don't be too loud because the neighbors are so strict they call the police. I'll be back. I just have to go -- What did you do? Very bad. That was actually -- that was your 50th birthday party on the show. Yeah, that's my character's 50th birthday. She's just -- she's in a rocky marriage and my character's relationship makes Saar gentleman Jessica look at her own marriage. I'm proud of it and feel lucky to be on it. They're calling it a comedy and very layered and definitely is a little bit dark. Yes. But I can imagine that it must be great fun to have a character like that. I mean that scene alone -- were you riding the script like, oh, yes. One part "Snl" meets one part tragedy. I just felt -- I was such a big "Sex and the city" fan so felt so lucky to work with her. Years ago I worked with Matthew Broderick and years ago she met us for dinner and I was like, it's a real-life princess and then she -- I was pregnant at the time so she was like, you can't walk home alone so walked me home in sparkly shoes and with her beautiful hair and smelled beautiful and my husband was like -- I guess guess who walked me home from dinner, Sarah Jessica parker. I was so esighted. She was so considerate. Very nice. I love that. We all love all of your "Snl" characters. We were wondering of these three, who would you say you are most like, Mary Katharine, sally O'Malley or terry rialto from "Difference dish". I'm most like Mary Katharine Gallagher. Yes. And, this is like a funny story. I have kids, I have a 13-year-old girl, an 11 girlfriend boy and play truth or dare and recently I picked my son up from camp this summer from planet bravo and we went to a California pizza kitchen and my son was like -- my son and his friend said I dare you -- I always think of dares for them and they think of -- I dare, you are we're eating dinner like early dinner California pizza kitchen. I dare you to go to those people and say, you know, so I had to go over and they dared me to say, hi, I'm Molly Shannon. Hi, I'm Molly Shannon and did you know that I'm a superstar to strangers and so so I did it. It was so ridiculous but the people were very unimpressed like hmm. The gripping thing, your kids appreciate your work. We appreciate your work and I'm sure everybody can't wait. "Divorce" premieres October th on HBO. Molly Shannon, check her out,

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{"duration":"11:06","description":"Alfred and Sherrell Duncan dish on their same-day nuptials.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"42545674","title":"Couple Reacts to Same-Day Wedding Surprise","url":"/GMA/video/couple-reacts-day-wedding-surprise-42545674"}