Pregnancy Results Go From Private to Public Online

Couples are sharing videos on social media of the moment they realize they're having a baby.
3:01 | 10/04/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Pregnancy Results Go From Private to Public Online
index," the buzzing way to tell people you're having a baby. It's being called womb tube, filming that exciting moment when you discover you're pregnantment and sharing it with the world on social media. Sara haines has been following this for us. Reporter: Good morning, robin. We have the engagement videos. And then, the wedding dances. Now, people are posting their pregnancy test results for all to see. Oh, my god. Shut up. Reporter: It's among the most highly anticipated moments in a woman's life. Am I pregnant? Or not? And now, women are inviting the world into their special moment and posting pregnancy result videos online. It's a really special moment. And recording it and sharing that with the world is as authentic as you can possibly get. Reporter: They're called womb tubers. Capturing the moment they find their pregnant, and posting it on youtube. We're pregnant. I think having that moment captured is huge for us. Reporter: Ryan and miy have been trying to get pregnant for two years. When I started my pregnancy journey, I decided I wanted to get on youtube and find other women who are doing the same thing. Reporter: When missy shot she was pregnant, she turned on her camera. We have two families. And we have our youtube family. And so, it was kind of like a thing where we filmed it for them so they can watch it. Reporter: And over 150,000 did. But is this a private moment? Or one to be shared? Would you guys ever consider taking a video and posting it to youtube of finding out you guys are pregnant? No. Reporter: Why not? I think that's a private thing. When you're a kid growing up, you want to see the moment your parents found out you're in existence. That's pretty cool. I think it would be cool to watch your husband's reactions. Sharing your emotions and feelings with the world is amazing. I don't think you can go wrong. I'm pregnant. What are you talking about? When you find out you're pregnant, it's such a raw moment. It's a moment when you're like, oh, my gosh, you're pregnant. And to actually capture that moment, it's amazing. Not that my parents ever would have posted. I asked, do you remember when you got pregnant with me. We remember the first two and the last one, but not you. Middle child syndrome. That's why I'm here today.P thank you. Wow. That does explain a lot, doesn't it? It really does. I remember every second of the first, especially elliot. It's personal. And it's a personal choice if you want to share it with everybody. Or just with your wife. I like watching other people's videos. Voyeurism. We love you, amy.

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{"id":20469565,"title":"Pregnancy Results Go From Private to Public Online","duration":"3:01","description":"Couples are sharing videos on social media of the moment they realize they're having a baby. ","url":"/GMA/video/couples-share-pregnancy-test-result-videos-online-20469565","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}