Courtney Cox Discusses Struggles With Hollywood's Beauty Standards

ABC News' Sara Haines reports the buzziest stories of the day in "GMA" Pop News.
2:25 | 08/24/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Courtney Cox Discusses Struggles With Hollywood's Beauty Standards
He'll start there. Not so bad. Sara's got some "Pop news." I sure do. Court aneney cox revealing her struggles. Sometimes you find yourself trying. Then you look at a picture of yourself and go, ooh, god. I look horrible. I have done things that I, regret. And luckily, there are things that dissolve and go away. She discussed the pressures of being a woman, aging, and negativity online. She says the best part of getting older, guiding 1-year-old daughter coco through the game of life. I guess when you're out in the wilderness, you decide to admit everything. That or a church, right? Next up, Justin Timberlake and Jessica biel hosted a special guest in their home. Hillary Clinton. They held a star-studded affair for her fundraising efforts. They had a little fun with the photo booth. The event was hosted by Tobey Maguire, Jennifer aniston, and Shonda rhimes. Tobey's wife was present. Star-studded. Can you imagine cleaning up your house. We're going to throw a lunch for the president. No one is going with me. Finally, we all know Ryan reynol Reynolds, a superhero on screen, a superstar on social media, and very hand many. Some fans send unspeakable tweets his way. They're bad. But, we are going to show you some of his polite rejections. No, in a bad way. Things you wouldn't want to repeat. Things you don't want to know people think. They're tweeting it at him. He takes the higher road. So, this is one of his responses. Sorry, just holding my infan niece in my arms for her baptism right now. Number two sorry, just trying to get this wild dolphin untangled from fishing line. Number three, Aw, just planting fresh flowers at a local community essentialer. Number four, just trying to finish this charcoal sketch of the last supper. When asked how his wife felt about the tweets, he said, pretty sure it is my wife writing those. It sounds like her. If you saw how bad they are, like, he's really handling it well. It's cute. Yeah.

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{"duration":"2:25","description":"ABC News' Sara Haines reports the buzziest stories of the day in \"GMA\" Pop News.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"41613112","title":"Courtney Cox Discusses Struggles With Hollywood's Beauty Standards","url":"/GMA/video/courtney-cox-discusses-struggles-hollywoods-beauty-standards-41613112"}