Crazy Drones for Holiday Presents

Becky Worley explores different types of fun drones to give as gifts this holiday season.
15:11 | 11/18/15

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Transcript for Crazy Drones for Holiday Presents
We continue our drone how RD roms to rounds rounds. And as bullish as we are on drowns we have to talk about some of the issues and that's where we bring in Brendan film and you are the vice president of policy and legal affairs and DJI wanna leading manufacturers. Of drones. Let's really focused and on what the law is a round drones right now what's. Current state of affairs. That's are currently if if someone wants to use a drone for commercial purposes like to take aerial photography for money. Or gather news the supposed to get an exemption from the FAA that's a case by case company by company. Determination that essentially gives approval for someone operating that about 2000 or so those that have been issued so far. I had his genius idea that I want to take my cattle Lloyd and paddled from Treasure Island on one side of the San Francisco Bay all the way over to Berkeley. And now we get pretty good reception to that kind of Mears the path of the Bay Bridge I would be talking on the phone to the anchors and he during the day not during our hour night. And and then I would have a drone cumin Bosnian stream video I thought this was seen yes. And then our amazing drone coordinator Maria Stephanopoulos an act gave back he. You can't just wing it on the stuff you can't Colin honorable Unita get a permit you know at a time to the F bank. People are as. As fast PSA as our production coordinator is people to stand go far. I'd let I think very very much in an era where people are experimenting with the technology they're building and creating new devices. Some of what they're doing might be considered commercial. Some people might say it's invented its experimental and so it to the extent that there isn't a safety issue that's presented to the FAA I think the FAA has been generally. Deferential to people who are trying to work with and learn about the technology when you get to the point where you're your holding out for business you're charging money he's got a web site or FaceBook or YouTube. Channel where you really are are are using the drone sell services that's when you get letters in the FAA asking you to apply for an exemption go through the process which takes a few months. And get that. Permit to fly set. It sounds like right now since this is sort of the wild west. That there haven't been a time of prosecutions here for that type of sort of flying without hermit type situation in commercial environments. At that the focus of the FAA is is really safety they've always been a safety oriented agencies are where they stepped in on enforcement. For situations that they perceive to be unsafe so people who. Either have an accident or flying in a way that really poses a hazard to other aircraft or to people on the ground to think that's where you tend to see at least some. Deference or or certain. Discretion in terms of what cases they might she's right. I want to get to aircraft and a second let's just back out a little bit and talk about what the lions for recreational use. Separate recreational use under a 2012 statute essentially unregulated except that people are supposed to abide by community based organization guidelines. And there's an eighty year old. Model aircraft. Organization called the academy of model aeronautics they've been if a terrific record of safety. I would respect tomorrow aircraft operations and sell under the under the rules if you're operating pursuant to their guidance. And here further than five monster an airport defined under 400 feet. And you're generally being safe that that's permissible under the partnership. As a line of sight is really one of those elements that's something most giant John ops now. Why is that some fine. Well that the philosophy behind line of sight is that are under traditional aircraft regulations. Pilots are supposed to look around out of the cockpit and see and avoid other air traffic. And the issue is drones is that you're on the ground looking up right your piloting. What they were calling aircraft from the ground. And so you're building its to see is really based on location in rent. If you fly the drone well beyond where you can see it makes it more difficult though not a possible to see and avoid air traffic may be in the location where the drone is so the part of those those rules or guidance the guidance issued by the FAA is that you should keep the drone. In a place for you can see it and I just makes good sense. Really quickly what's dynamic times and airports at. Well you know what it read we are very concerned about reports that there are thrown some places where they don't belong and we travel a lot. In connection with our work of treaty was well and and last thing we want is there to be a safety threat to airliners were very sensed that. More than two years ago we came out with a geo fencing system which is a technology that uses GPS. To tell the drone operators to warn them that they're in a place where they might now on operate and in some cases to restrict the operation of the drone either from taking off. We're flying into a location including airports. And that began defensively by the airport south it in connection with some of the bigger Johnny Cash its preprogrammed. But from our. Our perspective we preprogrammed those locations into the trounced the that the drone already knows where the airport locations are. So when the things we announced actually just today it's that we are upgrading that system. To include things like temporary flight restrictions which concern wildfire locations. Presidential travel locations. Emergencies. Stadium T afar as which are that restrictions that happened around Major League ballparks and also provide some flexibility so the people who have authorization to be there. Including firefighters who should used rounds to help fight fires can actually use the technology. It's not hearing Californians this summer Brendan someone of I am sorry we cannot and on the hard part. And with the fun stuff. And that's clearly turned to the new you aren't drone film festival. No it is not and it died ideas around military and he. Boss some movies. Mean. With two loans you guys just take a look. It. It. Yeah. He. And he. Yeah. Randy Scott Slavin is with me he is the director of the New York City to grown film festival. Great idea let me do you think drugs they need their own film. All and is a genius. Not based issued a ton of video and I wanted to submit someplace and there was no pleas of some minutes it did. And it's interesting that award shows create a little competitive flare in people and then. Whether it's there artistic nature just being recognized or whether they want to win that award cool stuff starts happening. And some things that have come out I have to say that OK go video that's in that's not on your site I was just blown away put in place some of that video. And just tell us what this videos about why you love it why it's so just. It's just like a jaw dropper. We don't OK goes is known for their amazing music videos and when I first side I was like. First of these guys must submit. He really just pulled off a really beautiful one take music video that was just full of unbelievably. An exquisitely choreographed. You know kind of camera motion and they use the strong where they plucked the very end and you see all these like hundreds of people coordinating with these colored umbrellas one it's really an amazing effort. What's so cool about. Just the first video that really brought them to the floor and you know. Dancing on the tread Knauss is that you knew as a viewer. That looks really challenging but. Or when your production long and you know what it takes to get not just all the choreography not just all the stunts not just all the gear that there have on. In the video but all of this year that shooting it to work simultaneously. It's amazing and that's I feel like you can into an ambulance on many different levels right for sure sure do it any idea how many takes it tough for them to get. Yet they did I spoke to. Because they want to really Austin when a DJ inspire one after that because they they actually won a category and they told me that they took about like ten to fifteen technique he said about fourteen takes and they hit it somewhere on the thirteen than it did to others just four. What any other videos that's just. It shows not so much technical progress although there is funny and that it really helps to suspend disbelief which is what illness all of bow out. Is the Superman mania. Talk about that and how that was made so what's the premise set it up. OK so with Superman finds a go pro and on the way to returning to its rightful owner he once a strapping onto his head in going about to grant business. And he likes saves a war men and he knew he winds up you know kind of foiling a robbery and I mean it's just. Every time I see that film still have seen it maybe a hundred times are idiots it's just really gives me chills it's like. Amazingly. Beautiful story that's fine and really use a drone in a way that it really should be used. It's such a simple thing that they do that so brilliant foreground. Especially forearm in foreground right you know he's got his as Superman or I'm out there and gives you different perspective on John chats. An otherwise are cool but aren't that cool and they don't as a cents suspend disbelief that was what was spelling delightful moment rank. I mean you know a lot of people the use drones because we're still -- really early phases a lot of people use draws just fly around and show us cool things which is awesome but. What that story really did was they really built a beautiful story around it that was fun and awesome and you know a encourage people that are shooting films for next year's festival and in the future to really. Focus on story will no matter what their shooting. And that commitment and a son I was saying as the artist we'll see things in a different way and we'll uncover new things just because the technology is new. Randy Scott Slaten as the director of the New York City drone film festival he's gonna stick around. For a second because we've got some absolutely. Miller one car fast it's it's it's easy electrical. Let it sure I mean that this is my particular bill and disliking a little bit one key but. You know it's all the components are extremely high and it's very laid its Agile this to shape the pitch of the propellers like everything on this is prime for speed. Hot it what does it hit like that costs sent by such an expensive I mean you know it's you know probably altogether maybe five or 600 bucks but it takes a lot of time to really kind of perfect years your. Kraft and lot of time to build than. It's really meant for serious pilots but it's totally awesome and really exciting whose flight he's at goggles unity for them. Using FPD is called first person view where you're actually. Flying it and instead of looking at in the air line of say you're flying you. As if you're sitting in the car it's. Dioner especially reality Qaeda that's cool that would be pretty neatly pilot Tony you have binoculars drifters via goggles and you can't. It it was sort of motion sensitive and that was tied the excel and prominent and that would be awesome. It is quite else how would be really cool okay now. This is the super cool expensive future of drones and pro assume are now we come over here. All right people this is I don't even know what here's gonna fly I am just deeply concerned with the missile. Mom I and isn't enough to get right I honestly don't even know that was first canceled different yes and flee polygamy and federal and I know. We'll invest the after after hours and they authority blow. I seriously can't even I know if it's on what I don't know what's going on this thing okay that I'm gonna leave for second because. We also have hopefully this one is on this isn't it this. It is about four this is a tiny little teeny drones these are super fund for. People that wanna like you know mess with their cats or cash just turned all these on before attempting to get an ounce on this one doesn't think and we're. It is and it's it's big and green lines and can't Oppenheimer Kush I'm RI just like saying that honestly. There. The bedroom congress asked him. I'm telling you see you just attack you again my port camera men has just been absolutely assaulted by the world's highest used up. Again thank you hammer slammer for this attack drowned and get this one you love there's only kinds. Is the drone that parts bought. I mean it's genius and that he didn't ho but as I know that every turnaround in this thing is apps that you think this. We have a choir and your line. Means. He is like god to get any better than that vote. Well all well. Yes typical. Learning her own at the end of the AMA learning for authority that's. Thrown fast. I don't even know what it's saying it had a bass. Wow the part machine laugh like you are being noted that your. It he's going to be thinking about consumer drones as I'm struggling to pilot the quad copter it's lost some place amongst all the other things is un. You don't have quite a controlling you have was summoning. Hi Ken Collins zoo an initial argument used a tad Jones. They will give you the best possible footage of cedar gimbal on their keeps the camera totally stable but the best part about these that there actually easiest of all of them to fly. Great stuff and he's got slim and director of the New York City film drone film festival thank you and thank you all of our guests. Who came and joined us 480 CG MA is 4440. Your own how our our it has been amazing.

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