How to re-create celebrity holiday looks at home

People magazine's style and beauty director, Andrea Lavinthal, shares how to re-create some fashion-forward celebrity looks for your holiday parties this year.
3:00 | 12/21/17

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Transcript for How to re-create celebrity holiday looks at home
This morning we'll steal some of the top looks from our favorite celebrities for a much better price. Hundreds of dollars less. Sometimes thousands of dollars less. Here to show us how is "People's" style director Andrea lavinthal. They always look flawless. Any tips when we're walking out the door, how to look like a celebrity for less. Well, the good news is actually much easier than you think to dress like a celebrity. I mean you can shop online, shop in the stores. And I like to use celebrity looks to inspire my own outfits. See how to style the things in your closet. New ways to wear them. One of our first celebrities we love to follow is Reese Witherspoon and always looks amazing. This was a few weeks ago. Break down what she's wearing. She is wearing a very festive metallic cocktail dress from Dra draper Jane's retailing for 275 and paired it with St. Laurent heels about $800 and a great neck last from Sarah Chloe. A beautiful holiday look. Definitely in the thousands. About $1200, sure. Thanks for doing the math for me. Let's bring out our first model. We're going to show how you can get Reese's look for less. Beautiful. Yes. So this is Sarah and she is wearing a dress from aqua at Bloomingdale's. Nearly identical except it costs $88 and her shoes, they're $36 and Sarah swears that they're comfortable. Yeah, they look so much like the st.-laurent ones. Except without the price tag. 30 something dollars. The whole look with the neck last is 150. Fantastic. Sarah looks amazing. All right. Our next celebrity we'll discuss, she always looks fabulous. Jennifer Lopez. We'll take a look at her earlier this month. I love this look. And it comes with a very hefty price tag. Yes, it's pretty expensive so the bag alone is like $4,000 from Tom Ford. No big deal. Booties are like 700 and she has $1500 earrings so in total you're looking at like $8,000. Just give or take a few. $8,000. She looks fantastic but that's pretty much out of everyone's price range. We have a way to get the same look for less. Our next model looking fabulous right now. I love this. It's great. All right. So how did you pull it off? How much does it cost. This was surprisingly easy to copy. Wearing an $85 coat from pretty little things. Shoes are H&M. $50. Her turtleneck is $19, the earrings $19. The whole look is $300 for every single thing she's wearing. You don't have to buy it all but if you wanted to -- It's a fantastic -- I love the coat with the jeans. Just like Jennifer if not better. I'll copy that. All right. Next for the guys. Because we can't leave them out. We have Nick Jonas at the amas in black. Let's break down what he's wearing. In head to Dzhokhar Tsarnaev John varvatos. The showpiece his coat which is about $1800, leather jacket. Wearing Henley, cool printed pants and those boots. So now we have Nick Jonas and our last model looking chic and fab. This is Ben and his jacket is forever 21. It's $44. No, it is not. So much better, right? Oh, my goodness. Shoes on sale for 39. Apartment 9. Everything he's wearing is super affordable. . This whole look is like $160 compared to Nick's which was 3,000. Wow. That is fantastic. I have to say you did such a great job, Andrea. This is all so we can look like the celebrities and not break the bank. Thank you very much. We appreciate it. Ginger, let's throw it over to

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{"id":51924569,"title":"How to re-create celebrity holiday looks at home ","duration":"3:00","description":"People magazine's style and beauty director, Andrea Lavinthal, shares how to re-create some fashion-forward celebrity looks for your holiday parties this year. ","url":"/GMA/video/create-celebrity-holiday-home-51924569","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}