Cryotherapy Craze: Why Stars Are Trying Ice-Cold Treatment

The treatment exposes your body to temperatures of -256 degrees Fahrenheit and claims to provide health and beauty benefits.
4:45 | 06/17/15

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Transcript for Cryotherapy Craze: Why Stars Are Trying Ice-Cold Treatment
Next up on "Heat index," though, the hot new health and beauty trend that's all about getting freezing cold. It's called cryotherapy and it's been generating a lot of buzz since Lindsey lohan instagrammed pictures of her and a friend doing it. What are the health benefits. Sara Haines has the story. Reporter: It's the artificial arctic blast for your body. Cryotherapy, a revolutionary subzero health craze that promises big benefits. On Monday, actress Lindsay lohan instagrammed several chilling photos showing a whole body treatment for her complexion and she's not the first to admit to freezing her butt off for beauty. Stars like Mandy Moore and minka Kelly are fans of cryotherapy. Dancers Derek hough and mark Ballas use it post-routine and even the king, Lebron James, takes to the icy chamber so why do they do it and should you? The makers of this claimed it first gained traction as a post-recovery plan and found applications for improving skin tone, reducing the signs of aging and even managing pain. All of the blood vessels in your arms and legs constrict and then when you come out, all that blood rushes back and in doing so it also releases endorphins and endorphins are your own body's way of managing pain. Reporter: The chamber is filled with icy air as low as 290 degrees below zero. And once you step in, you chill down for up to three minutes and results are supposedly instant. At cryo-life in New York City I got my own frozen makeover ? the coal never bothered me anyway ? It definitely helps with insomnia. Simms of depression, anxiety. Kryolife saying it could help with weight lossment with your body submerged it has to fight to maintain warmth. That puts your metabolism in overdrive. The cost, $90 a session. For best results, at least ten sessions over the course of three to four weeks. Stepping into the icy chamber I have to wear gloves, socks, clogs and no jewelry. Woo. Oh. It's cold and I have a glove on. Reporter: And here I go. Oh, so cold. ? All by myself ? oh, my god. It's so cold. Relax. Oh, my god. It's so cold. Reporter: The feelings in my legs taking a little while to return hence the quick bike ride post-freeze but my energy level feels like it's at an all-time high. Bam! Okay, I like to call it the magical phone booth which I just stepped out of but you'll see that I'm wearing these gloves and this fancy getup with my shoes because it's important to protect extremities. When I got out how did you feel people asked. It had be a waste of time to say I was cold. I was freezing but the other thing a few minutes after you get out the blood rushes back in and legs from my waist itched so badly I came back in and thought my legs were falling off so it's pretty amazing. I did feel revitalized afterwards but you should always consult a doctor before trying something like this because patients with high blood pressure or heart conditions probably shouldn't be doing this. Yes. All right, Saar remarks you know what -- so thank you for taking one for the team for us, we appreciate that. Speaking of a doctor we have Dr. Jen Ashton. You heard Sara say her legs were itching. Go here the theory and bill nye the science guy, I'm coming for your job so if you consider this balloon like a blood vessel and bathe it in a liquid night to general environment, do not try this at home you get the technical term shrinkage. A constriction of -- That's the technical term. Well, here it is. Or a "Seinfeld" episode. Get a constriction of the blood vesse blood vessels theoretically all the bio markers get whisked away. Temporarily but here come the qualifiers, guys. We use cold therapy in various forms to cool down the brain, the heart, even to treat some types of cancers. There is very little data on this type of therapy. The risks. Outside sports literature. Risks, frostbite. Thermal injury, blood pressure, heart rate issues and long-term effects of doing this once a week indefinitely, we have no idea. Would you do it? Let's just stick with the ice bath. That's cold.

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{"duration":"4:45","description":"The treatment exposes your body to temperatures of -256 degrees Fahrenheit and claims to provide health and beauty benefits.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"31825116","title":"Cryotherapy Craze: Why Stars Are Trying Ice-Cold Treatment ","url":"/GMA/video/cryotherapy-craze-stars-ice-cold-treatment-31825116"}