Cuba Gooding Jr. on Bringing Laughs to 'The Butler'

Star of the Lee Daniels film discusses his role as the leader of the White House serving staff.
3:28 | 08/15/13

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Transcript for Cuba Gooding Jr. on Bringing Laughs to 'The Butler'
-- -- sitting here right now serving up his own brand of humor. He -- excited. Meet any of the bottler the nation -- -- to show me the money and Oscar gold is now showing -- Whitaker. The ropes as the leader of the White House serving staff here's a clip from -- Daniels the Bob. Then -- you come. Question and mountainous seas again Susan thanks -- Carter Wilson head but. Story about big -- behind you -- -- the loan for even with his -- literally hear his name James house ways my second comment today. I probably wouldn't want to -- the red Sampras was asking difficult questions like I don't know what a -- I'm. -- -- a lot of them. Yeah I love it and and you provide you happy provides some comic relief and a very moving found. I want to talk to you about your character Carter Wilson and the camaraderie. You have Wake Forest character and also Lenny Kravitz and just just disappears into Israel disappears I mean one thing that we were glad to be careful because -- butler's. Have to almost be invisible in the room. Easy to make -- one dimensional character. So we have to show the camaraderie. In the locker room and -- and I have been friends for so long and has Wellesley Daniels. -- knew that this is an opportunity. -- humanistic side of the. These heroes and -- opportunity to work not only -- Lee Daniels but also in this cast I -- the great pleasure talking -- Jane -- over I was here. We've seen everybody how -- that experience for you working with his wonderful it's. And it's been amazing it's been it's one of those projects that you get it get involved and you know that they're going to be. The film is going to be bigger than any one actor NN and you can just hope that people. Don't get an opportunity that started discussion about. You know the teams in the -- Now in the -- -- the American warriors that went through the civil rights movement in that time period -- did so much for our our freedoms. Today yeah I think is a an incredibly stirring performance a lot there's buzz -- video word -- over the -- -- owner -- general -- a lot of great -- it's gotten rave reviews. Congratulations on that high out was very excited here as our incredible producers went digging hasn't trapped for this interview. We found a really amazing clap your first professional gig pop back up dancer. I don't see. The closing ceremonies in the 1984 Olympic Games this comes out in the vaults. Do we have it. Don't be hard I Germany's. BQ. Two leading city. -- wouldn't it. I am a little bit yeah another yeah. -- is Cuba Gooding senior yes that's right. You see -- not your talent you know and everybody dude check this incredible actor and I'm a guy in the honest answer you know. How do you -- Daniel the dollar -- nationwide on Friday.

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{"id":19967973,"title":"Cuba Gooding Jr. on Bringing Laughs to 'The Butler'","duration":"3:28","description":"Star of the Lee Daniels film discusses his role as the leader of the White House serving staff.","url":"/GMA/video/cuba-gooding-jr-interview-lee-daniels-butlers-comedic-19967973","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}