Cubicle Turned Into Christmas Log Cabin

Angela Westfield decorated her desk for an office competition.
0:56 | 12/19/14

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Transcript for Cubicle Turned Into Christmas Log Cabin
A first ever holiday office competition is causing some cubicle Andy and this is why. This log cabin right in the middle of the sales office of The W. Hotel in downtown Minneapolis. Angela Westfield is the proud builder her coworkers loved it so much they -- standing ovation when the side. I for. And literally can believe that complete defeats but. Still vote they were a little jealous after all they didn't go big like Angela did. Sort of make or plan work she drafted her husband and took over her uncle's garage. Then a writer of dozens of those carpet to cut the not a size and moved everything. To her office. Her cubicle so popular. The hotels now allowing guests into the sales offices to check it out but Angelo won't find out until Monday if she wanted to surprise. Grand prize.

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{"duration":"0:56","description":"Angela Westfield decorated her desk for an office competition.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"27728028","title":"Cubicle Turned Into Christmas Log Cabin","url":"/GMA/video/cubicle-turned-christmas-log-cabin-27728028"}