Cute Kitten Plays with Light-Up Hula Hoop

Watch this little cat go nuts as the lights circle around a Hula Hoop.
3:00 | 01/13/14

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Transcript for Cute Kitten Plays with Light-Up Hula Hoop
What do you know how about a -- -- -- because apparently will be canceled that we don't have animals to make fun -- Let's take a look at some musical theme I guess we've been. Dust and dust flew. Back OK Britain it's not -- this is again taking advantage of a cat being attacked. And a kitten being adorable I will say that or. If I can give notice exercise that way and he would follow but -- just would not care. There's a light up what I would argue his notices an old dog in much different -- Ian Kennedy and went into the -- and again and and if yes how about this is -- cat is actually catching them. And they're still not there. Once again taking -- -- -- and -- -- yeah. How we how we do want to give the hula moves involved everywhere we wanted to and it actually you know what who you are happy birthday. Ginger and you know what does that perfect way to say -- are lovely studio audience happy birthday big -- Okay.

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{"id":21514689,"title":"Cute Kitten Plays with Light-Up Hula Hoop","duration":"3:00","description":"Watch this little cat go nuts as the lights circle around a Hula Hoop.","url":"/GMA/video/cute-cat-video-kitten-plays-light-hula-hoop-21514689","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}