Daisy Ridley, John Boyega Discuss Being a Part of New 'Star Wars'

The young actors reveal what it was like to land a role in "The Force Awakens."
5:52 | 12/02/15

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Transcript for Daisy Ridley, John Boyega Discuss Being a Part of New 'Star Wars'
In the social square, these two 23-year-olds right here taking the galaxy by storm. They were launched to stardom only two years ago when cast in "The force awakens" and the rest is history in the making. Welcome, daisy ridley and John boyega. How are you doing? Nice to have you here with us. Good morning. In good morning. Is it tough to be up this early? The side of the pond like that. You saw the movie. What did you think, John? Aaagh. It's so good. It is so good. This is a great reminder that "Star wars" is back after so long and this is just a great balance between the new generation and the old full of action, full of passion and it's quite emotional. I enjoyed it. How about for you, daisy. The first time I've seen myself do something so I was quite overwhelmed so looking forward to seeing it again so I can be like, okay. This is your first movie ever. I heard you cried on the way to the airport after watching it as it settled in. I did. No, because I came out and I was like, yeah, I'm cool and in the car I was like -- the whole way and the whole way home the ten-hour journey. You are front and center and it's wonderful to see a female character in "Star wars" being one of the major story lines. What do you think that says for young girls. It's really exciting. The way I think about it if I had a little sister I would be so pleased for her to see the film and think -- I mean, we were just talking about Jennifer Lawrence, the katniss everdeen thing has been so Progressive for the female audience. Way cooler. Nice to continue that thing. Is it true you all didn't even have the scripts that they were secretive about the scripts in the beginning. Yeah, it was sort of messed up. During auditioning they would have you come to pinewood studios to learn your lines then you'd have to go home and try to trace back what you learned and most of the time it just went out of my head and bottled it during the audition but still got. I like your confidence. I just bottled it. It was a gait experience but had you to be so secretive. I didn't even want to take it. I think if the option was there it would be like, no, because it's just terrifying. What if you lost it. Someone did lose it. Someone did. Yeah, someone did. We're part of the Disney family. Yes. Normally we get to see flips ahead of time when we're speaking to actors. We didn't -- we have been seen it yet. That's how secretive and under wraps it is. I know Robert Downey Jr. Has been somebody that you -- has been a mentor to you. This must mean the world to you to have someone like that give you advice. I know you don't want to share the advice he's given you but just to have him. It's great. The only issue I have with Robert is that sometimes when he's doing these interviews for big shows I have to wait for him. No, but it's been great having someone that's had so much experience to try and like talk me through this whole thing that's going down right now. Did you see yourself in times square? I did. I saw myself in times square. Did you see it on the big screen. Yeah, so weird. So strange. Just for people at home, help them understand what it must be like for you two to be on the cusp of this greatness that the people that -- it's going to be soon, unfortunately, you won't be able to walk in times square without being mobbed. I felt like for the past couple of years I've been living in the twilight zone and think, oh, like the first few months of filming I cannot remember, I was just like overwhelmed and so emotional. So I think in a few years to look back will be -- right now it just seems exciting but also unreal. It doesn't feel like it's going on. Let us learn a little bit more about each other here. I hear, daisy, this man -- is a great -- imper nations. Yeah, yes. What? From shrek -- Come on, hit it. I cannot say that shrek was here at this present time so I won't say in terms of the time difference he might be here in 15 minutes. Right? He nailed it. That was a morning gingerbread man. That like made me exhausted. I thought of seeing him all over again and for daisy, is it about the singing. Yes. Oh, my god. Daisy has a fantastic singing voice to the point where we challenge daisy on set not to sing for 24 hours. She couldn't do it. We were an hour out of wrap and she sang one note, la and everybody just gave her a round of applause. She couldn't make it through the whole day. Broadway, perhaps in the future? Oh, I mean I saw "The color purple" last night and it was so unbelievable and you think, I wish I can be that. You can be. "The color purple." I love that. Have you seen it. Yes, yes, and they were here. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Jennifer Hudson, whoo. So, if you were not doing this, what would you be doing? If I wasn't acting? Uh-huh. You know, probably a cartoonist, I like to sketch, I like to draw. Probably something along those lines. Aren't you already working on a plan B? Plan B, I'm just off of the education side of things so I tart a degree in January. See there. Yeah, I'm going to be on set. I'll be on the set. Notice the difference between the two. Okay. John and daisy, remember this moment. Bottle it. Treasure it. Thank you. Thank you. We wish you all the very, very best. Thank you. And very excited for everybody and "Star wars: The force awakens" flying into theaters December 18th and you

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{"duration":"5:52","description":"The young actors reveal what it was like to land a role in \"The Force Awakens.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"35527754","title":"Daisy Ridley, John Boyega Discuss Being a Part of New 'Star Wars'","url":"/GMA/video/daisy-ridley-john-boyega-discuss-part-star-wars-35527754"}