Dallas Cowboys Stand by Defensive End Greg Hardy

Photos recently released of his bruised ex-girlfriend in connection with his domestic violence case last year.
2:44 | 11/08/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Dallas Cowboys Stand by Defensive End Greg Hardy
New developments this morning in a domestic violence scandal for the NFL and it involves the America's team, Dallas cowboys. It involves these pictures of hardy's ex-girlfriend. Hardy who's going to suit up, or at least to set to do, and ABC's Tony Reali is here with the story. Reporter: When the Dallas cowboys take on the Philadelphia eagles tonight in Texas, Sunday night football, defensive end Greg hardy will be on the field. After photos of alleged domestic abuse scandal surfaced. This morning, Dallas cowboys are defending star player Greg hardy after these images obtained by deadspin.com. In a statement team owner jerry Jones saying hardy deserves a second chance. Despite the leaked images from the 2014 incident. The case does missed in court after she didn't testify. Cowboys owner jerry Jones choosing to sign hardy to the team despite the controversy. Because jerry Jones and owners like him enable guys like Greg hardy, we're going to see situations like this over and over again. Reporter: In a statement, Jones said that the team didn't have access to the photos but they were aware of the serious nature of this incident when they signed hardy. The NFL acknowledged that the league office had seen the photos and referred back to its initial statement saying hardy was in violation of the personal conduct policy. NFL fans are left with a dilemma, how to root for America's team? I don't understand how anyone would root one second for the Dallas cowboys as long as jerry Jones is in this football team and signing Greg hardy as a free agent. Reporter: Overnight, Greg hardy posting his first comments on Twitter since the photos emerged. Expressing his regret in the past. The league has spent time distancing it from the ray rice scandal. Some questioning the league's priority. It's a morale quandary. Tom Brady suspended four games for air pressure in footballs and Greg hardy suspended four games for this. Interesting point. We want to move to the

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{"duration":"2:44","description":"Photos recently released of his bruised ex-girlfriend in connection with his domestic violence case last year.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"35054751","title":"Dallas Cowboys Stand by Defensive End Greg Hardy","url":"/GMA/video/dallas-cowboys-stand-defensive-end-greg-hardy-35054751"}