Dan Harris aims to make the practice of meditation more accessible to everyone

Many people may begin 2018 with a resolution to start meditating.
3:00 | 12/31/17

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Transcript for Dan Harris aims to make the practice of meditation more accessible to everyone
As we erpt a new year. We're on television now. I'm going the start paying attention. Many people are making the resolution to start meditating. Just in time, Dan has a new book. It's a how-to book. It's to make it -- thank you, Vanna. To make this practice as accessible as possible for the hardest cases. Who better to start with than these guys. Yeah, we're clowns. It's 5:00 on a Sunday morning, I'm diving into the preshow routines. Done comes to the meeting looks so dapper. I wake up like this. Jon Karl. Hair and makeup. But this is not a Normal morning. After the show. And finally, the breaking weather new this is morning -- it's time to see if some of the busiest and chattiest people I know, my co-hosts, can sit quietly and meditate. I brought in a ringer. Jeff Warren. My co-author on the new book, meditation for fidgety skeptics. Jeff is bowed over by the breadth and velocity of the question zblps how do you get started? Are we meditated together? I didn't dress for that. Can I meditate on the train ride in? Reporter: Paula's biggest question, will it help her bansing her job and home life? Mmplgt mind is just always racing pip want clarity of thaurt. Clarity of mind to be more present. Sthat the great benefit of meditation is what you're describing. You're saying the same thing. It givers you more space. A little Mitt more perspective. You're able to feel the impulse come up, you ride the wave, you don't have to act on it. Reporter: We gelt a sense of how busy Paula's mind is when she turns it into a call and response. I heard Ron's stomach growl. What do I do with the distractions? It's helpful to be in a comfortable place. Not in draesz and heels? Reporter: 12 months later, the question, is Paula regularly meditating? I gotta say. I've been in a lot of guided meditation sessions and I have never heard anybody interrupt. I know. Even if she knew, it wouldn't have made a difference. It's called guided. They're supposed to be guiding you. You're not supposed to guide them. Are you meditating? I found a couple that work for me. One called a 3:00 krur. You focus on breath for a minute. Go to your happy place for a minute. Positive affirmations, usually scripture verses for me. I implement tack tall breathing. Whatever is frustrating you. Fwlort it's work or what have you, my kids usually. Usual eye not you, I love you. I love all of you. You love your kids, too. You breet if nor five, hold the frustration for five, release for five. You were the first people we visited. Bewent across 18 state paps big Orange bus. All over the country. And, you were perhaps the most challenging people we ran into. Oh, raelly? Yes. We proper to say the most memorable. You're welcome. It's an awesome book. Make sure you get it.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Many people may begin 2018 with a resolution to start meditating.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"52068583","title":"Dan Harris aims to make the practice of meditation more accessible to everyone","url":"/GMA/video/dan-harris-aims-make-practice-meditation-accessible-52068583"}