Dan Harris Gets 'Beautified' on 'GMA LIVE!'

Lara Spencer coaxes Dan Harris into trying on a beautifying face mask on "GMA LIVE!"
1:52 | 01/11/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Dan Harris Gets 'Beautified' on 'GMA LIVE!'
As far as I know they're easy for you okay these are gloves -- -- -- moisturizing blessing and kids are -- -- it would not. I can dance nobody Gordon who often don't stand gonna -- -- -- -- -- Get the easy job of not having to mess up dummy I don't know I think -- I think it's. Why not help you here I'll help you Don't Ask Don't Tell me does well I'm. She amazingly fresh teen idol but don't read today you got these -- agenda I was you don't have to Vietnam like we are here don't. Okay I'm gonna help you. As soon as a lot of -- every. Police Howell. And I am completely messing up and she -- it yet again we argument communion when it again this isn't the answer I was really put it on dancing -- all -- -- -- make it happen this -- the last time all I will be on Deanna -- I think. Yeah. That I accept it is -- -- moment. Okay. You know I feel like that I feel like I'm gonna win a big journalist. Yeah. I didn't stand going to be all the all the man and her mom and -- ever since you began you can select sprint makes a huge assortment and these products. I'm panic at the USU they -- like twenty dollars -- -- -- the fans weren't and the parents wicket to kids do the top top on his shoulder. When it comes to write programs have missed field and deals -- -- break this thing out and say I. This show is only fifteen years hanging narration read the next thing I'm front right now -- married him I think it'll be.

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{"id":18191450,"title":"Dan Harris Gets 'Beautified' on 'GMA LIVE!'","duration":"1:52","description":"Lara Spencer coaxes Dan Harris into trying on a beautifying face mask on \"GMA LIVE!\"","url":"/GMA/video/dan-harris-beautified-gma-live-18191450","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}