Booted 'DWTS' Star Says He's Hanging Up Dancing Shoes

Victor Ortiz and Lindsay Arnold discuss their time dancing on the hit ABC show.
2:37 | 04/24/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Booted 'DWTS' Star Says He's Hanging Up Dancing Shoes
This is a tough morning now. The competition really heats up on "dancing with the stars." It's tough to see, vicious victor ortiz go down for the count. Let's take a look at the moment, right here. The couple with the lowest combined total scores and votes, therefore leaving right now is -- victor and lindsay. It is tough to see him go. It's tough to see them go, by the way. Lindsay, this is your first season as a pro. So, victor ortiz and lindsay arnold are here, live from l.A. Thank you for being up with us this morning. Victor, how does it feel this morning? You went a long way, farther than any other boxer in the competition has. So, how do you feel? I feel great. I'm on coffee right now. And I'm enjoying this -- I'm just enjoying the fact that i got to experience such a wonderful thing. And this beautiful gal next to me, had to put up with me for some time. Definitely blessed. Tell you, watching this dance right now, you guys look really wonderful. You came a long way. Lindsay, what was the hardest thing to overcome with him, dancing? Honestly, I think at first, it was just the fact that I had to get him out of his shell and make him actually want to dance in front of millions of people. Once he did that, he did so well. And he honestly has improved so much. So, I'm really proud of him. Victor, are you going to keep dancing now that the show is over? Absolutely not. But I will always be this little lady's fan. And everyone on the cast because, hey, they're amazing. Why absolutely not, though? Was it that difficult? Did you see the two left feet by any chance? I did see lindsay land a pretty good punch. Lindsay, are you going to stick with the boxing? Oh, yeah. I think I am. I might take it up. And be his next -- she hits pretty hard. We can see it right there. Or. I know that -- tell me the different muscles you use for boxing versus dancing. Were you really sore despite being in fantastic shape already as an athlete? I've been hurting quite a bit. Actually, yesterday, the last dance, my legs are hurting so bad. It felt like when I jumped off of the stage, it felt like my muscles were going to burst because they were hurting so bad. It was a fun time, though. Great experience. "Dancing with the stars." Live from wcvb tv channel 5

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{"duration":"2:37","description":"Victor Ortiz and Lindsay Arnold discuss their time dancing on the hit ABC show.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19030256","title":"Booted 'DWTS' Star Says He's Hanging Up Dancing Shoes","url":"/GMA/video/dancing-stars-season-16-week-victor-ortiz-booted-19030256"}