'Dancing With the Stars' Season 19 Stars, Pros Ready to Tango

Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews reveal more celebrities and their professional partners on "GMA."
7:23 | 09/04/14

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Transcript for 'Dancing With the Stars' Season 19 Stars, Pros Ready to Tango
First, though, the rest of the exciting reveal of the cast of "Dancing with the stars" so we've met half of the new stars now Tom and Erin are about to annoyance the over celebs that will hit the dance floor in season 19. Yeah, season 19, get Gisele out of your mind for the time being. Erase, erase, erase. That pony of tail. This next star is known for his work on "General hospital" but millions have loved his Calvin Klein billboard, as well. Say hello to Antonio sabato Jr. And his partner Cheryl Burke. Cheryl always gets the good ones. I went through that set piece at airport security just yesterday. It was interesting. All right, all right. Our next competitor is a six-time world mix martial champ and star of "The expendables "Three known as the natural in the ring but is he a natural on the dance floor. Let's bring out randy couture and his partner Karina smirnoff. Whoo. All righty. Now she plays a pretty little liar on TV but will she be a daring dancer. Let's welcome Janel Parrish and her partner Val chmerkovskiy. Get ready, Janel. That'll be the last time you see Val smile in a while. Just kidding. Oh, stop you always are. You smile too when he's around. You remember him, you remember him. Yeah, I do. And you're very excited. Why don't you introduce him. Oh really. I will only say I was talking to him backstage and doing that gave me the munchies as half of the legendary comedy team cheech and Chong, will he win or will his dancing dreams go up in smoke. Tommy Chong and his partner PETA murgatroyd. There you go. He was actually on my flight on the way over here and all the flight attendants were like getting his picture on the way. Can we have one more? Can we have more. Selfies on that united flight. You take the next one. You want me to. This fashion designer does gymnastics down the runway and cartwheeling her way into the bathroom. Betsey Johnson and her partner, Tony dovolani. Want me to do it? Yeah. All right. I just wonder is she going to get to design her outfits? I hope so. This 18-year-old, nothing against her -- sorry. This 18-year-old youtube star has over 7 million subscribers. She got the viewer votes. We hope they're all watching "Dancing with the stars" but will she click with the judges. Here's Bethany Mota and her partner Derek hough. Hello. Very nice. Now we have one more competitor and he's live via remote in L.A. You may recognize him from his TV and radio shows. Please welcome Tavis smiley and his partner sharna burgess. Hey, tavist, hey, sharna. Lara. We have to get to some questions and start with Antonio. Great to see you again, congratulations. Thank you. And what are the plans if you were a guessing guy how many times do you think you will be without shirt during the season? I don't know. You have to ask Cheryl that. He's just so ugly of I don't know what to do. I don't know. I would say, you know, a few times maybe a little shirtless maybe pantless -- We've been training hard. I'm so glad to be with her. She's the best. I have randy over here. What do you think will be tougher, the dance floor or the ring? E. I think the dance floor is definitely going to be tough. We'ven enjoying the training. I found some new muscles I didn't know I had. So a tough partner. He is but he is working very hard. I can tell. How is it possible for him to find new muscles? Janel, I have to tell you, our scouts are saying that you may be the one to beat. They think you've got to go all the way. No measure pressure. My partner is pretty awesome so we'll see. Yes. Ready to put her to work? For sure. I'm going to ask Betsy this. So we said it -- some said it before. You will do gymnastics down the runway. Will you incorporate your signature moves into your dancing? Oh, I'll definitely plan on putting that in. At the end. He's got a plan. At the end when I'm completely shocked. When you have nothing he, rely on the go-tos. That's it. Great that you're here. Best of luck to you. Thank you. We got tommy over here for so long we all know it was cheech and Chong. Are we ready for Chong and murgatroyd? Yeah. Absolutely. Absolutely. It's time. It's time. How is he on the dance floor. He's been awesome. He's dedicated and we have a lot of fun together. So what can we expect from you? I can't tell you that. They'd kick me off the show. It's a little suspense there, all right, tommy, thank you. Okay. Finally, Bethany, so many click on you. My girl is excited. Just texted me. Can you make that same connection with the pros that you've made with so many young people online? I hope so. I mean just being me doing my thing. I think it's going to be interesting. I've never done anything like this before so it'll be a fun experience if what do you think, Derek? You guys have already started. We have. She's doing great. She's got some sass. I'm excited. This guy is not too shabby. Pretty good track record. Tavist, I'm used to seeing you on Sunday mornings. I didn't know you could dance. I didn't know I could either. Well, I guess we're all going to find out. I guess we'll find out. I'm about to turn 50 in a few weeks so I figured, George, I would do one last foolish thing before I turn 50 and after that I'm going to get serious about my life. Maybe a talk show on pbs. Maybe an appearance on "This week" on ABC, write some books on poverty. I'll get serious after 50 but one last foolish thing before I turn 50. Thank you, tavist. Foolish and I dare say will be fun. All of you guys, congratulations, we'll be watching. Everybody, don't miss "Dancing with the stars" premiering on Monday, September 15th. :00, 7:00 central right here on

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{"id":25243742,"title":"'Dancing With the Stars' Season 19 Stars, Pros Ready to Tango","duration":"7:23","description":"Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews reveal more celebrities and their professional partners on \"GMA.\"","url":"/GMA/video/dancing-stars-season-19-stars-pros-ready-tango-25243742","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}