'Underdog' 'DWTS' Couple's Luck Runs Out

Ingo Rademacher and Kym Johnson discuss their semi-final finish on "Dancing With the Stars."
2:49 | 05/15/13

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Transcript for 'Underdog' 'DWTS' Couple's Luck Runs Out
The couple with the lowest combined total of judges' scores and viewer votes and therefore leaving right now is -- ingo and kym. Here they are now, ingo rademacher, kym johnson, thank you very much for getting up early this morning. There you guys are. Ingo, come on. You made it a long way for an underdog. Yes, I couldn't be happier. I said to my wife when we first decided to come out here that I'll make it for two weeks then we'll go home to hawaii and then I'll just come back for the finals, you know, and now there's no break. I am in every show emption september for the finale. He's done amazing, amazing. He has and you got your first 9s EVER FOR THE CHARLESTON. Len said it was your best dance so far. So it must have felt good last night to go out on that kind of high note. ♪ it was, it was really fun. You know, the jive was really fun the week before that and i thought, you know what, nearly chasing me out here to do a little bit of comedy. We're a little bit off on that. Kind of butchered that. We did a slightly better job in dress rehearsal but it's okay. That's the wrong foot forward. We can say that now. It looks good to me. Ingo, your son has become a star in his own right. Tell me what he said when you got the boot. He doesn't even know. He got a mirrorball trophy already on top of my birthday cake a couple of weeks ago. What, your dad is not going to get the mirrorball trophy. He said, I got a mirrorball trophy. So he's 4. He doesn't really get it at all. Ingo, I heard you're going back and forth between the australian accent, american accent. A little bit of both right there. Did you and kym bond over your roots? Yeah, the australian accent came out a little bit because she's like about as alwaussie as you can get. Really fun. Basically. We did have so much fun. Got along so well. Had so much fun. First time I've taken it week by week and we just had so much fun this whole season. We could really see it last night. Real quickly before you go, who is going to go all the way? Who's going to go -- all four of them are going to go all the way. The remaining. Who is going to win? I think this is -- who's going to win? Everyone has the chance to win, you know, I mean if you pick fans zendaya has the most fans. Jacoby is very entertaining. Kellie is amazing and ali has the potential to win too. It's going to be a really, really tough battle. Question about it. Thanks for coming on this morning. Next all new "dancing with the

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{"duration":"2:49","description":"Ingo Rademacher and Kym Johnson discuss their semi-final finish on \"Dancing With the Stars.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19183072","title":"'Underdog' 'DWTS' Couple's Luck Runs Out","url":"/GMA/video/dancing-stars-week-results-ingo-rademacher-kym-johnson-19183072"}