Dangerous Flooding in Texas, Oklahoma

Ten inches of rain covered parts of Houston in 24 hours, leading to at least 20 water rescues.
1:37 | 05/14/15

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Transcript for Dangerous Flooding in Texas, Oklahoma
We move on to the dangerous flooding in the south. Texas and Oklahoma swamped by heavy rain. Rob Marciano is tracking it all. Another day. Another night of torrential rains. Some areas getting three to six times the Normal amount for if month. This mailman having a difficult time. A difficult night last night for sure. Overnight, texans evacuating as downpours bring flooding across the state. Got the animals out. Got clothes. Gotta have something to wear. Reporter: Scary scenes from the nonstop rain. This car swept downstream. Parts of Houston getting ten inches in the past 4 hour, leading to at least 20 water Wes cues. This pickup helping to push a stranded driver. Store owners sandbagging. I've been stuck in the parking lot for four hours. Reporter: In the northern part of the state, officials taking the unusual step of releasing water from swollen Lakes. Nearly a foot of rain has fallen in the last few days. This store is really flooded. Reporter: Outside Dallas, heavy rains blamed for this massive sinkhole. Rainwater making its way into the hospital. We're hoping for the best. Reporter: The red cross setting up emergency shelters. Flash flood watches in Oklahoma. More rain on way. We stretch across the plains, another one to two inches in these areas. This comes with a severe weather threat through the weekend, robin. We'll talk more about that throughout the program. The latest now on deflategate. A new espn/and poll finds 76% of

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{"duration":"1:37","description":"Ten inches of rain covered parts of Houston in 24 hours, leading to at least 20 water rescues.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"31037914","title":"Dangerous Flooding in Texas, Oklahoma","url":"/GMA/video/dangerous-flooding-texas-oklahoma-31037914"}