Danielle Steel dishes on 'Dangerous Games' live on 'GMA'

The New York Times best-selling author discusses her latest novel and answers some questions from fans.
5:34 | 03/13/17

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Transcript for Danielle Steel dishes on 'Dangerous Games' live on 'GMA'
She's written 160 books. 160 and counting. Can't wait to read her latest called "Dangerous games" and it is out now and it is great to have you back with us as always, my friend. I am so thrilled to be here. Robin is my favorite person in the world. When I was going through my health crisis she sent me books that weren't even out yet. Usually it's six books. Last time we saw you said you put out six books a year. That's increased to seven. Seven. How do you do that? I don't know. I work all the time. Seven is interesting. It's sort of like jumping through flaming hoops but it's exciting. How do you keep the characters all straight? Sometimes do you forget and put a character in -- Only if I'm very, very tired. It's only happened a couple of types and suddenly there they are in the wrong book. It's like, oh, get them off "Titanic." I hear this one is a little different. It's like a political and international intrigue. I try and keep them all different and this one is a political thriller about corrupt politicians and international oil deals and there's murder and also some excitement in it and it was very fun to write and there are always surprises in the book and I ended up calling my editor in the middle of the night when somebody kills somebody else and said you're never going to believe it. He just killed him. So, it surprised even me but it was a fun book and it's very different. Well, they're always a page turner and you have devoted super fans. We have a couple here that would -- Sofia would like to ask a question. What's your question? Other than your own what are some of your favorite books that you have read? I don't get enough time to read other people's books. Unfortunately. It's true. I enjoy, you know, sort of very popular fiction and things that I can just relax with and I read a lot of religious stuff which I enjoy. I love Joel Osteen. I love Joel too. He's fun. Very uplifting. And sometimes French novelists and stuff but most of the time I have to read me. That's not a problem at all and, gray, you have a question as well. Yes, my question is, does your book "Perfect life" my favorite one or any of our other books come from personal experiences? No, they sometimes come from something I've seen or not necessarily a personal experience, but I was intrigued in that book by the idea of sometimes famous lives look so perfect to the outside world and I mean you've seen that too and everybody thinks, oh, wow, but they don't realize the tragedies or the struggles that you have behind them so I like the idea of a woman with a big career who is, you know, frustrating to keep the career and who has personal challenge with a daughter who is sight impaired so it wasn't personal but it's things I care about. Got you. But something that was very personal around christmastime, you started choking and your daughter saved your life. Very personal. And actually it was an interesting experience and it never happened to me before and I had a cold which I have again. But and I threw a vitamin C and went running off to do stuff and it got stuck but totally stuck, no air and it was the most panicky feeling and they say that mostly people run off and hide but instead I ran into the hallway where all my kids were home for Christmas and pointed to my throat but there was absolutely no air going through. And all of them started -- there are grown-ups about 12 or 14 people and started to scream and say, oh, my god, she's choking. What do we do and nobody knew and the Heimlich is a really important thing to know for a stranger or family member. And one of my daughters not knowing what else to do picked me up and banged me on the floor, I mean literally she's taller than I am and I was going no, no, no. But it worked. I mean she bonked me on the floor and it popped out. I put up choking signs for restaurants in our kitchen in both our homes, do you know how to do the Heimlich? But it really -- it was a good lesson for all of us that nobody knew what to do but it worked. We're glad that it did. I am too. I'm sure that you are. It really scared me. Now every time I take a vitamin I walk into someone's room and say, I am taking a vitamin. So if I keel over they know why. Well, Danielle, never enough time. Thank you so much. I love seeing you. "Dangerous games" is out now. Guess what, everyone in the audience is going home with a

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{"duration":"5:34","description":"The New York Times best-selling author discusses her latest novel and answers some questions from fans. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"46084183","title":"Danielle Steel dishes on 'Dangerous Games' live on 'GMA'","url":"/GMA/video/danielle-steel-dishes-dangerous-games-live-gma-46084183"}