Danny Willett Pulls Off Upset at the Masters

The Englishman walked away with a victory after a collapse by Jordan Speith.
2:54 | 04/11/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Danny Willett Pulls Off Upset at the Masters
Apparently. The masters, all watching. Painful. This one is painful to report. A huge upset at the masters. Rising star Jordan Spieth leading the pack most of the way. Until a sudden nose-dive opens the door for a relatively unknown british golfer to walk away with that coveted green jacket. ABC's linsey Davis is here with the major turn of events. So close but so far, linsey. Reporter: Some are calling it one of the greatest collapses not only in masters history but in major championship history. Jordan Spieth's undoing came at amen corner. 22-year-old Jordan Spieth, seen poised to take home the green jacket for the second year in a row. But then came the 12th hole. Oh, my goodness. This is unbelievable. This will damage him for a while. Reporter: What followed was one of the worst collapses in golf history. When it was over, Spieth scored a 7 on the par 3. Handing over the lead to this guy -- Danny Willett. A 28-year-old who learned golf in a sheep field. Now, the masters champion. It's just crazy. Reporter: Willett is only the second englishman to ever win the masters. Calling his wife to share the news. I'll call you back. Reporter: The son of a preacher, Willett was the last man to enter the masters. Not joining until his wife gave birth to their baby boy. I wouldn't come here if he wasn't born by now. Fortunately, he listened to my prayers and came early. Reporter: And then there was this -- That's one. Reporter: Three players hit holes in one on the 16th hole but nothing could take away from the shock of Spieth. He told his caddie, buddy, it seems like we're collapsing. An hour later, he was handing over the green jacket to Willett. Big picture, this one will hurt. It will take a while. This was only Willett's second time playing Augusta. He has his older brothers to thank for golf. His wife had that scheduled c-section so he could play. Robin was just giving us a golf lesson. If that first ball went in it would not count. All right, lot of rain stretching -- want to talk about this video out of northeast

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{"duration":"2:54","description":"The Englishman walked away with a victory after a collapse by Jordan Speith.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"38303466","title":"Danny Willett Pulls Off Upset at the Masters","url":"/GMA/video/danny-willett-pulls-off-upset-masters-38303466"}