Daredevil Skydives Onto Slip 'N Slide

The experienced skydiver says he used the slide as a way to cool off between jumps.
1:29 | 07/17/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Daredevil Skydives Onto Slip 'N Slide
There's actually some video yes there is it's really amazing. Because of the summary you guys wanna see this so this is our version of play it today that it's it's a clip of a -- -- higher level is famous necklace Danielle you can see it right there. So it's are telling them I'm regular skied -- -- -- -- out of an airplane. He's -- he's pear -- outright latency right there. But he's got a target rate -- about it -- -- slipped his client flat. -- -- on the water on the right on this look flies like how easy to see that I'm crazy. So -- middle of the Arizona desert and apparently they say they wanted to wait -- cool off between jobs. And that's the way you do -- not may -- -- colts our error well maybe jump in the swimming -- skydive and I. Worst library that's quite I don't know I don't I don't know I have numbers. I've never jumped up airplane up on CS is. You could think about her story sometimes though you never know it's notre you know what I'm scared of heights so one time -- learn how to skydive. You just because I couldn't yet -- -- not got a hand glide and -- just say would you like you're basically attached to a -- And they let you go and you just fly you know coordinating get a carrier here I did not -- I didn't it's funny admittedly three times and I'm still scared -- street I guess this is like you're like Israel to hell and I'm horrible at -- those I don't know I didn't get a good way to cool down for summer -- you can have ice cream or am I wrong.

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{"duration":"1:29","description":"The experienced skydiver says he used the slide as a way to cool off between jumps.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"24598618","title":"Daredevil Skydives Onto Slip 'N Slide","url":"/GMA/video/daredevil-skydives-slip-slide-24598618"}