Daredevil's Balloon Stunt Involves Shotgun, Freefall

Man tethered to a lawn chair floats high in the sky before dropping himself to the ground.
2:31 | 12/22/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Daredevil's Balloon Stunt Involves Shotgun, Freefall
? I'm on top of the world, hey ? We're back with the incredible stunt, straight out of the movie "Up." Carried by 100 colorful balloons. T.j. Holmes has it all in the social square. We've done a lot of these videos of stunts. This is the first one you feel compelled to give this disclaimer to viewers. Don't try this at home. He used readily available items. The lawn chair. The balloons. To get back down, that's where the shotgun comes in. One rickety old lawn chair. All: Three, two, one. Reporter: 90 helium balloons. I'm doing it. This is crazy. Reporter: And one heck of a view. Nice up here. Reporter: That's renowned daredevil Erik Roner soaring with the lift power of the balloons. It's like that childhood dream. Reporter: It might look like a scene from the movie "Up." Roner has a long way down. 8,000 feet. It was scary. Reporter: Just about the last sound you want to hear up there -- so what now? He pulls out a shotgun to speed up the plummeting process. And then -- Three, two, one, later. Reporter: Pretty cool for a guy free-falling like a rocket to Earth. Just when you think he's about to go splat -- he pulls his parachute and pulls off what E calls one of his favorite stunts yet. That was big! Kind of like the dream of flying. Can that stully happen? The reality of it pulling it off was surreal for me. Reporter: High praise when you consider some of his greatest hits. From B.A.S.E. Jumping in Switzerland to skiing in Chile, he can't seem to keep his head out of the clouds and his feet on the ground. You all ask the strangest question. The lawn chair? Who cares. The balloons aren't the regular latex. Don't you have to yell, fore! Heads-up! Your chair is falling. You all missed the point. The B.B. Gun. Don't run with scissors. Don't fly with bchlt .B. Guns. We're not paying the guy the right respect. Zlmplgts could fast food affect how your children are performing

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{"duration":"2:31","description":"Man tethered to a lawn chair floats high in the sky before dropping himself to the ground.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"27761937","title":"Daredevil's Balloon Stunt Involves Shotgun, Freefall","url":"/GMA/video/daredevils-balloon-stunt-involves-shotgun-freefall-27761937"}