Darren Sharper Nominated to NFL Hall of Fame Despite Rape Conviction

The ex-NFL football star's consideration for the Hall of Fame came under fire due to his conviction.
2:34 | 09/18/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Darren Sharper Nominated to NFL Hall of Fame Despite Rape Conviction
There's football Shearer erupting this morning have motions are really running high over Darren Sharper and nomination for the football hall of fame and whether he should even be considered since he is serving time in prison right now is convicted rapists. Ron is here with more rocket went TO. Do you know anyone any fan to nominate a former football player of the sports. Hall of fame and that's what someone did we don't know who so now sharper same move over for the selection committee next year despite his rape conviction a lot of people are saying today. That's just wrong. Forty year old former Green Bay Packers safety Darren Sharper was sentenced last month to eighteen years in prison after admitting to drugging. And rate being as many as sixteen women you leave the tour. What did. But the NFL has no say in the hall of fame nominations the league has been under intense scrutiny because of incidents of violence by players against women. One would think that the National Football League would be hypersensitive. To the fact that this man is such an awful person sharp. What was nominated to the hall of fame last year before pleading guilty but did not receive a single vote from the selection committee. In a statement to ABC news a spokesperson for the hall of fame says that it nominates no one. Committee of 46 journalists and two existing hall of fame members vote on the nominations the day before the Super Bowl to be eligible for nomination. A player must be retired from the league for at least five years. But according to the hall of fame character is no criteria for the induction process. For the NFL the be in another story like this. Where convicted rapists is being nominated for the pro football hall of fame and that is exactly where the National Football League does not want to be. The hall of fame official leaving the door open to a change in policy saying. I'm sure it will be discussed we never say never want to make sure our process is the best process. Actually there are several football hall of fame members who were convicted of crimes including OJ Simpson and Lawrence Taylor the difference they were inducted before they were convicted of those. Prime sharper has been nominated. After he pleaded guilty and if you don't nature isn't hill right out years in prison idea. How are you look at you know other sports Barry Bonds Mark McGwire peep Rosie of their infractions happened during the game and in the game some people would argue this all happened off the field. So he should be considered but very controversy. We have the gravity of the crime yet exactly the thing but again anyone to nominates I think that's the issue here is a little deputy any fan anyone we don't know that yet that may change yeah hi Ron thank you sound my.

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{"duration":"2:34","description":"The ex-NFL football star's consideration for the Hall of Fame came under fire due to his conviction.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"42171603","title":"Darren Sharper Nominated to NFL Hall of Fame Despite Rape Conviction","url":"/GMA/video/darren-sharper-nominated-nfl-hall-fame-rape-conviction-42171603"}