David Letterman Will Say Goodbye to Late Night Television

The famed late night show host's final show will air Wednesday May 20th, 2015.
2:46 | 05/20/15

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Transcript for David Letterman Will Say Goodbye to Late Night Television
Offers coming in now. The end of an era for David Letterman, who has been a fixture on late-night TV for more than three decades. Tonight, he'll signed off for the last time. Chris Connelly that has a top ten list of his greatest moments. It's the Late Show with David Letterman. Reporter: Through 30-plus brilliant years as a talk show host. To what will be his final show tonight, David Letterman never, ever gave in. He was never made host of "The tonight show." He told the New York times he didn't get a voice in the naming of his successor, Stephen Colbert. Tonight, he'll retire as one of the most admired and influential figures in television history. More than worthy of his own top ten list. 1982, number ten. Jerry Lawlor and deep in his wrestling character, Andy Kaufman have a caffeinated conversation. Number nine, 1995, drew barrymore gives Dave a desk dance and finishes with a flash. I can't thank you enough for that. Reporter: Number eight. Sonny and Cher. ? I got you babe ? Reporter: Number seven, 2001. A solemn Dave. The first show after 9/11. It's simple. Only one retiremequirement from any of us, to be courageous. I don't know why I get so much . You realize this is being broadcast, don't you? Reporter: Number 5, 1983. Dave at a store just bulbs. T that's what we sell. Just bulbs. So besides bulbs, what do you have here? Nothing. Reporter: Lost in a mock doc persona, Joaquin Phoenix spaces out. And Joaquin, I'm sorry you couldn't be here tonight. Reporter: Dave becomes a dad. My father passed away when he was 57. I'm 56 years old. Yesterday I had my first child. Reporter: Tom Hanks is the last guest. And at number one, 2015. For "Good morning America," Chris Connelly, ABC news, los Angeles. So good. Favorite moments, anybody? Too many to count. I'll miss him. Fun to see all the stars come back these last weeks. Sure has. Let's get another ten tomorrow. I love that. I loved how Julia Roberts would get shy and flirty. Dave, you're the best. How about some -- there is some snow and chilly

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{"duration":"2:46","description":"The famed late night show host's final show will air Wednesday May 20th, 2015.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"31170328","title":"David Letterman Will Say Goodbye to Late Night Television","url":"/GMA/video/david-letterman-goodbye-late-night-television-31170328"}