Day 5 of the Great 'GMA' Car Giveaway

Here's your chance to explain why you deserve to win a new Mazda.
1:52 | 11/08/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Day 5 of the Great 'GMA' Car Giveaway
It all comes down to today. Day five, great "gma" car giveaway contest all week long. You've been listening for a special sound. You know what that sound is. Do you have the keys? All right, go. Here we go. The final clue is coming. Oh, samuel j. That's right. Anything that we say or do in your hands on a set of keys. Here's -- before the show, you want to go to our website, goodmorningamerica.Com on yahoo! You have until 8:00 eastern time tonight to complete the contest. You'll answer all of the trivia questions because we heard the beep beep and the zoom and you know what they are. And you'll tell us why you or someone you know deserves a shiny, new mazda. Complete contest rules are on the website. We're going to make it as easy as possible. Who is that lovely lady? I believe it's sara haines. Is that me you're talking to? Is this -- are these snacks for the -- I thought I was drivering the car. No. Why would you ever think that? Oh, my god. You get the road trip? Yep. And I brought road trip snacks. And look at my sexy outfit. It's really great. So, again, five clues. Right. And you're heading out. I have to go now. You're holding me up, people. That leaves two cars for us to drive. We can get one and split the other. What we want you to do -- you have until 8:00 p.M. Eastern tonight. There are five clues. I hope you were watching all week long. You head to the website. Don't do this if you don't want a beautiful, red car. If you have your heart set on -- don't do it. Good-bye, sara. That one's mine. What are they doing? All right. Terrific. You have until 8:00 tonight to get to our website, by the way, goodmorningamerica.Com on yahoo! Coming up, "operation homecoming" and paramore.

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{"id":20826843,"title":"Day 5 of the Great 'GMA' Car Giveaway","duration":"1:52","description":"Here's your chance to explain why you deserve to win a new Mazda.","url":"/GMA/video/day-great-gma-car-giveaway-20826843","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}