President Obama Honors Veterans at D-Day Commemoration

Hundreds gathered at Omaha Beach in France to honor the men who fought in one of the most important battles in history.
2:41 | 06/06/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for President Obama Honors Veterans at D-Day Commemoration
We're going to turn to president Obama in normandy this morning for the 70th anniversary for d-day. A historic moment that's also made for tense diplomacy with Vladimir Putin over Ukraine. Jon Karl is in France this morning. Reporter: There's no Normal meeting on the schedule. But president Obama and president Putin will cross paths shortly in normandy. Both men are here to pay homage to those who sacrificed so much to turn the tide against the nazis, 70 years ago today. Heroes of d-day, gathered this morning on the bluffs above Omaha beach, where 70 years ago, they fought one of the most important battles of all-time. And today, received a rousing tribute from the president. These men waged war so we might know peace. They fought in hopes of a day when we no longer need to fight. Reporter: Most of the d-day heroes are in their 90s. For many, it will be the last time they hear the world pay tribute to their sacrifice. More Americans died here on the shores of normandy in 24 hours, than in the 10 years of war in Afghanistan. Whatever in the world makes you cynical, stop and think of these men. Reporter: When general Eisenhower ordered the d-day invasi invasion, he said there was no plan "B." Everything on the line. More than 150,000 troops taking part in the invasion of normandy, the largest amphibious assault in the history of mankind. Also here, some of the heroes of the post-9/11 generation, including Cory Remsburg, who captured America's attention, when the president paid tribute to him in the state of the union address. Sergeant first class coryburg never gives up. And he does not quit. Reporter: Just before he was severely injured, he met him here four years ago. The first words Cory said to me after his accident, echoed the words first shouted on this beach, rangers, lead the way. Reporter: Putin and Obama will cross paths at least twice today here in normandy. Although there is nothing scheduled, they're likely to at least talk. But, George, don't expect any major breakthroughs. White house officials tell me they expect a brief conversation with the two men, at most. Meantime, Jon, the president continues to be dogged by the bergdahl controversy. Reporter: That's right. He's faced questions here on the road. And he said most recently that he is not making any apologies about this. He said, I saw an opportunity. And I seized it. And for that, I make no apology. We'll have the latest on that, Sunday on "This week."

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{"id":24022896,"title":"President Obama Honors Veterans at D-Day Commemoration","duration":"2:41","description":"Hundreds gathered at Omaha Beach in France to honor the men who fought in one of the most important battles in history.","url":"/GMA/video/day-president-obama-honors-veterans-day-commemoration-24022896","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}