Deals and Steals All $20 and Under

Tory Johnson has bargains on T-shirts, colorful watches, personalized scarves and more up to 82 percent off.
3:04 | 07/30/15

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Transcript for Deals and Steals All $20 and Under
Our favorite feature each Thursday, "Deals & steals." Time. Tory Johnson here again. Everything under $20. Everything is 20 and under. Okay. Ready? Spin it around so from kings of Cole. Your girls will know this company. Fun t-shirts. Either v-neck or tank top. Your choice, six different patterns. I love the skulls. Skulls are sort of -- They're so in. Especially when you got the shades on them. Big dramatic count on this one. Normally $110 every single one slashed by 82%. 20 bucks. Wow, that is fantastic. Really good deal. These are fun. Really fun. Oh, good. Almost lost them. That's okay. So I love these from crayo watches. I think the ones with the stripes are just really fun. It's a way to very instantly accessorize. Who can't smile when you've got a nice pop of color on your wrist. Really, really great discounts on these and I love that they come in a gift box so when for you or somebody else, normally $42 slashed by 57%, each one is $18 and free shipping and there's an assortment. Free shipping too. Free shipping. A great assortment for men, women and kids so everybody is covered on that one. Here we go. So from rume, really great scarves. I folded one here to be able to open up to show. Look how it's like a big scarf. Very big so it has lots -- it's super soft, as well which I love so it has lots of different uses. You can wrap it around as either a cover-up, around your neck, so many different ways to fold it to use it. I love that versatility and I love that you choose your pattern and then you can put an initial on it which is great for personalization normally $40, these are slashed in half, 20 bucks. Right on the nose. Right on the nose. Kids need these. Kids need these and make them now for adults too. So these are from brush buddies, a big variety of toothbrushes including the ones that have the built-in timer. Not only do you get that good vibration for teeth which is great for gums but also a timer so it'll stop. Two minutes. I tried and tested it. It showed me that I'm like woefully underbrushing. When you realize like two minutes is a long time. It's as long as this segment. We should be brushing that long. Anyway, normally this assortment depending on what choose $5 to $25 everything slashed in half starting at $2.50. Last but not least from rapid ramen got its start on "Shark tank" and make all these amazing things, two different ones and you can cook all these things much faster and healthier whether oatmeal, rice, Mac and cheese under five minutes, great for dorm rooms or for anybody who just is sort of in a hurry like us. $10 normally slashed in half, $5 and, again, each one comes with two so you're getting two of them in there for 5 bucks. Always great deals. These ones all cheap. Want to thank all the companies for providing them. Get them on on Yahoo! And also find a bonus deal only online and coming up, it is time

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{"duration":"3:04","description":"Tory Johnson has bargains on T-shirts, colorful watches, personalized scarves and more up to 82 percent off.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"32778844","title":"Deals and Steals All $20 and Under","url":"/GMA/video/deals-steals-20-32778844"}