Deals and steals: The best bargains on summer travel essentials

Tory Johnson brings discounts of up to 53 percent off on everything from foldable luggage to travel pillows.
5:29 | 06/15/17

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Transcript for Deals and steals: The best bargains on summer travel essentials
helping because Tory's deals are so big. Worth crashing. Go on. These are savings for summer travel, Tory. You got it. What do you have. First up, this luggage, a reason this is a "Shark tank" favorite. All of these are foldable and do sort of special things. The garment bag -- this one, the garment bag turns into this duffel. This tiny thing right here you could stuff in your bag turns into this cross body. A tech bag, one of my favorites is this one, see this little tiny one right here, that little tiny one right there opens up to this. To that. And to this. So when you go on your trip and you don't buy a lot of stuff. Don't buy stuff. Exactly. You start with that and end with that or start with that because you're going somewhere to bring people lots of gifts and go home with that. This one, $45. So I want to tell you the deal on all of hem. What's the deal. All of the pieces depending what you choose and collections online. These range 40 to 480 for a big collection. Everything slashed in half, 20 to 240. Amazing. Super easy. Her face was like this. She's ready. She's ready. What is up next. Personal organizers. So take a look at this. This one little -- this one organizer, look how many compartments in it. This is all about staying organized. That's what -- Like the Russian dolls. Exactly. So when you go on a trip and you bring jewelry and you get there -- I need more jewelry. Kind of like that, you go on a trip and buy more clothe. Person makes phenomenal accessory, Oprah magazine favorite. All their piece, all -- new patterns including more than you see here, normally 24 to $138 all slashed in half, sorry, starting at $12 to $69. 12 to $69. Okay. Vim and vigor. I got one -- Oh. These are special socks. These are compression socks. So they have this special kind of gradient pressure knitting technology is what it's called where the compression starts from the ankle and moves all the way up the leg and -- Good for travel. Exactly for flights, it's designed to alleviate achiness, alleviate swelling, energize the leg. It's medium to -- moderate to child compression, good for everyday use, styles for men and women normally a pair of these is $33. What's the deal, Tory. Also can be used as a sock puppet, $16.50. $16.50. There you go. All right. So I need a little demo assistance here. Yes, so these are hoodie pillows for a child or Sara Haines. You got the -- My kids would love that, yes. I love this one. This is the memory foam version. Why does he look cute in it. You look adorable. Hoodie pillow is great. There's towels that have the hood with built-in sunscreen. Pillows for kids for a sleepover with a built-in hood. All these options. I brought my own pillow. You did. So train, plane, car, wherever -- automobiles, everywhere. Everywhere you're going, hoodie pillow literal has you covered. I love hoodie pillow. Normally 25 to $35. Slashing them in half, $12.50 to $17.50. All day long. Okay, there you go. Okay, so you get in the car and the first thing, no one even cares about sitting in the front seat anymore. Everyone wants the charger. So this is from rapid X. This is five feet long because this goes in the front for the two passenger, this goes in the back clips on the backseat. Or triplets. Three of those. Clips on the backseat. Three of them so when your kids have an iPhone, iPad, sort of. No one has to fight for the charger. This has five chargers in one. So cute, it does clip on the backseat. Wow. I'm glad you guys like this because there's something in -- They're all thinking why didn't we think of that? For these it'll also charge two timester than your typical wall outlet. These are amazing with these five USB ports normally $25 slashed in half $12.50. That's a really good one for every day not just for road trips. Audio pets. Adorable. These tiny pets pack a lot of punch. These are the new versions that are -- you can either use one or pair them for stereo sort of excitement and they really -- Speakers. Little speakers and the sound, you can use it to answer your phone, built-in mic. Bluetooth enabled speakers. These parable ones in stereo are incredible. Normally $30. Goldfish, mousing take your pick. Slashed in half, $15, use them by yourselves or you buy them in pairs. So cute. Adorable. Well done. Panda and a monkey. Everybody in the audience, be excited you're going home with a rapidx car charger, all right. For more on these great deals, you can get all the details on

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{"id":48047528,"title":"Deals and steals: The best bargains on summer travel essentials","duration":"5:29","description":"Tory Johnson brings discounts of up to 53 percent off on everything from foldable luggage to travel pillows. ","url":"/GMA/video/deals-steals-best-bargains-summer-travel-essentials-48047528","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}