Deals and steals: The best summertime bargains

Tory Johnson shares deals up to 57 percent off on summertime essentials for soaking up the sun.
4:34 | 06/01/17

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Transcript for Deals and steals: The best summertime bargains
We are soaking up the sun with Tory Johnson who brought some great summertime bargains and we'll begin with swimsuits. All right, so what's amazing about this brand is everything comes from size 8 to 24 and everything is mix and match. You can choose the top and the bottom. There's -- I love that. Swim dress, a variety of things and got four brave women who dared to -- They look awesome. They look gorgeous. They look amazing. They were like very quick to take off those robes, they were so happy. So they're exhibitionists. Happy to have them. Normally the pieces range from 38 to 109. Slashing all of them in half so $18.50 and free shipping. I love that. These are the cutest. So, this is -- when you take Alex to the beach this is what you can put on him, the beach, the pool. Swim lids in the fabric is sun protection built in and these hats fit like a swim cap so you can go underwater and they're not going to come off. The kids can't pull them off easily. They fly off. Infant to adult. Really adorable. Variety of colors. I mean, seriously. Adorable. 13 to 20. 6.50 to $10. Mission has all of these products that are engineered for athletes but made available for you and me. So when you go walking -- Feel this. Cooling towels. When you go walking you get it wet. Wring it out. There it is. It is cool. Nothing else. That was the first thing that came to my mind. You wring it out and then it's -- it will lower your body temperature by 30 degrees so after something like boxing, yoga, just a hot day at the beach, whatever it is that you're super hot mission is going to take care of it. You wet it first. There's a variety of pattern, Serena Williams, Dwyane wade gave it the big thumb's up. Normally 15 to $30 depending what you choose, all slashed in half, $7.50 to $15. I have seen these before. These were on "Shark tank." No more bulky blankets when you go to the beach or pool, camping, anyplace you need a clean fast in this tiny little pouch. Anywhere. In this pouch you pull out this big blanket. It has weighted corners so it's not going to fly away. This center area to clip on any of your sort of key, stuff you need. A variety of colors, sizes, pattern, even the quilted one which I love the quilted one normally 20 to $30 slashed in half, 10, 15 bucks. Oh, I love those. So smart. Look at these. How cool they are. Solar powered collapsible waterproof. So you leave it out in the sun for seven to eight hours age get a full charge so if this was dark times square we would light up times square with these. Luminaries for your yard, for your pool. For the pool and what's fabulous about -- what I happen to love about these, tent, pool, patio, you can take them camping and collapse into this tiny little size so storing them or traveling with them is really easy. It's solar powered. You don't have to worry about batteries. Normally 15 to $45, these are all slashed in half, $7.50 to $22.50. Really fun. Last but not least, so we've got everything here. Look at this crazy range. We've got the big blankets and towels and the noodles and floats. Taco Thursday for us here. Taco Thursday. The tiki bar, swim up tiki bar. I love the swim up tiki bar. All of these are towels and blankets. These big things up here are big towels and blankets. That's this in this little pouch right here. Coolest person on the beach. You could be a mermaid. These are great. Unbelievable price on these too. Normally $20 to $36. This is so cool. Now I just need a pool. All slashed in half, 8 pi$8.50 to $18. The bar is hilarious. You are all going home with a mission towel. And -- partnered with all of these great companies and you can get all the details on our websites.

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{"duration":"4:34","description":"Tory Johnson shares deals up to 57 percent off on summertime essentials for soaking up the sun. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"47759716","title":"Deals and steals: The best summertime bargains","url":"/GMA/video/deals-steals-best-summertime-bargains-47759716"}